The father of lone soldiers

סא”ל (במיל’) לוי

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) tzvika levy worried about thousands of individual soldiers for holidays, answering the phones and met with them to relieve anything the solitude during military service. A one-man factory

תאריך: 04/10/2012, 11:14    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

The Sukkot holiday too do last thousand soldiers with individual families.
Adopt in various groupings throughout the country. Coordination between the soldiers and the families, initiated this year (Ret.) Lt. Col. tzvika levy. If you like the pop of “lone soldiers”.

During the preparations for, select levy to open today at the base of oak farm visiting newly-recruited immigrants to Israel Defense Forces.  Levy sees these visits mission, when the biggest satisfaction for him is knowing that every single soldier be Sukkah eating the festive. Levy made the holiday in his Sukkah, with five lone soldiers who embraced his family.

Levy, who served in the paratroopers brigade, is long gone on active duty, but his daily contact with the soldiers never stopped. Each new immigrant in Elon knows his name, and almost no one who didn’t keep him on his later too. All new recruitment cycle levy to the soldiers and answering their questions, concerns are dispelled. Levy’s phone won’t stop ringing at all hours if by concerned parents in Australia who have not heard since his son join the soldiers themselves, or seeking help with growth.

18 years ago Diaz loss. His daughter died and RA (Ret) Raphael Eitan to hold hands. “Make you feel better if you take yourself a little project to help soldiers. It will help you with the loss, “said so” raful “, and so it was. “I started to get me guys, I made them omelets and let them sleep at my house for sleeping bags,” says levy. site but when I was able to put everyone else in the House, from levy to contact families on kibbutzim, Eilat and Tula in order to harness more of that imposed by project “raful”.

Levy chose to host the lone soldiers in groupings of ideology.
It is apparent that he did not believe in the big city, at least not for a lone soldier is concerned to emphasize that every encounter with them. “A soldier coming and decided to rent, repeat all
Day to his apartment on the 3rd floor, where it has since just in front of you don’t even know who he is. But
When I find a soldier who worried his group, I know the soldier come back on weekends to a hot meal, a bed. Mom worries that look in his eyes and ask him how he is. That no pharmacy, “he says.

Most immigrants probably remember the first call of Levi, when enlisted.
“No matter where their arrival here all Israelis,” said time and again. Maybe because
At the beginning of the project were to levy a 90 in kibbutzim and almost 1,000. Most of them stayed after the service in the country, some even worked to help levy the following coverage on them.

Translated from Hebrew