The fear of being excluded from other terrorists in our territory.


Preliminary research conducted by the southern command Chief, Gen. Tal Russo, depicts the attack on terrorist ambush on the Israeli side, used improvised explosive device and fired RPG and small arms

תאריך: 18/06/2012, 11:50    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The IDF spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Yoav Mordechai (Foley), said today (Monday) initial information B’Tselem southern command Chief Gen. Tal Russo.

Brig. Gen. Mordechai noted that the incident started when terrorists did cross the border of Egypt and Israel, the Israeli side was ambushed near the Philadelphi route, probably שככל some cervical vertebrae left the Egyptian side, similar to the attack in Netafim benevolently August last year.

The terrorists detonated improvised explosive device against two vehicles of
Contractors who traveled on the route in White River area At the same time opened firing RPG that doesn’t hit the vehicles and small arms fire against cars. One of the Canal deteriorated as a result of this incident, one Israeli killed.

“After a few minutes reaches force of Golani was to open the road, South and North. They recognize a terrorist squad and violently. One of the terrorists was a big load off missile forces and thus and scattering of bodies of the guerrillas in the area. Harsh approach might perhaps
Still in our territory, crawl and their ongoing “terrorists, General.

The IDF spokesperson stated that in the area found a helmet, vest, a Kalashnikov rifles and uniforms. True to this point indicates that two terrorists crossed the fence and were killed. A third bomber, belonging to a link within Egyptian territory, and Egyptian troops searched them. At this point the possibility that being denied additional terrorists are Israel territory.

The fear of being excluded from other terrorists in our territory.

The incident area (Google Maps)

Translated from Hebrew