The female ttzpithnit new era and much more.

אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

The system, which unites all means of observation and collection sector, changed its ttzpithnit activity on the western border. What in the past was perceived as a boring job, has become a complex challenge, characterized by responsibility

תאריך: 11/03/2013, 14:38    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Five months ago, came technological system (powerful sensor system-f) to situation dominating the western border while allowing connection of all means of observation and the collection-including sector, and networks, observation balloons and thermal cameras and consolidates them into a single image. Technological change has a very high efficiency in terms of activity is combat intelligence collection value in practicing the new reality.

“Another world”, explains to the IDF website ttzpithnit company headquarters on the western border, Captain sonsino Yarin. “.. Only active once a lookout, and once she starts
Some systems together. Include any one array collection gives permanent option for questioning, and thread the table Captain “. Following the entry of the new system .. role received extra importance. “There are complex by attzpitanit is required to operate the system only. It presents in front a very significant challenge and requires her than before, “she says.

The female ttzpithnit new era and much more.

Lieutenant Yarin דו”צ sonsino, photo

New role – random collecting land – as part of changing the perception of the role … Before the role was motivated, many girls have refused to start and the stigma was .. “just sitting in front of the screen. Captain sonsino explains that “while there are prejudices about the role, but as soon as they moved past the tailoring course understand the importance of the role and great motivation. The amount of events
Enables operational readiness and the CAP situation that is affecting the desire to stay “.

“Hourglass”, alongside the closing the border, change the snapshot also in terms of ttzpithnit. “The observation is different,” explains Captain sonsino, simplified day of the fence contributes to the understanding of the need to protect the border. The challenge for us is to cover every sector of 80 kilometers and it’s our mission. “

Translated from Hebrew