The few soldiers are expected to edit in.

רב”ט אווה ורב”ט סופיה. צילום: דובר צה”ל

At 11 Chief be giving interviews to dozens of soldiers in a single ל”קולה” IDF waves, do your holiday this year at IDF

תאריך: 25/03/2013, 10:40    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Dozens of individual soldiers are expected to edit the order together, away from their families. The soldiers will spend the holiday in the resort, in the name of society, in collaboration with אכ”א and experience, doing the Passover holiday approximately 400 individual soldiers, as every year. Meet some of them, they did a long way especially for the line: from India to Angeles.

Sgt. Alex Davis, who came up from Los Angeles and signed a full combat service in the paratroopers brigade after the service (foreign volunteers) Regiment beat, said the iada “my feelings are very good against Israel and the IDF, and I’m very happy where I am, and of the job.  It’s been eight and a half years, and my plan is to stay in the country, and in the far future to finish the service and to study architecture here.

The few soldiers are expected to edit in.

Sgt. Davis

CPL. Ronen iroodcar 25-year-old worked in India as a producer and tv reality series when he decided to go and to join the army following the attack on Mumbai in 2008.
Serving in that Regiment’s 12.

The few soldiers are expected to edit in.

Corporal in irdookar

“When I decided to get my brother would be proud of me, because we talked about it before and it really
Helped me cope during deliberations. I’m glad that I do, even though mom was afraid that hurt. She knows that I’m doing something good, but in the past thought much about the kiss and the story with Gilad Shalit, and a little frightened. I told her I wanted to do it to her and even Jewish, talked to her and now she’s less afraid and more proud. “

There are also fraternity: Eva Sophia sibgtolina and cpl. made aliyah from Russia at age 15 along with little brother, נעל”ה programme, and decided to join the army from
Feelings of identification with the nation. Both serve in the same Regiment Regiment bud of combat intelligence collection Corps, one סמב”צית and one … The younger brother was drafted about a month ago
To protest, to reach the combat engineering corps.

“I decided I wanted to join because I choose to live in Israel. I realized that what keeps the country, all protection and military combat, and for me it has become important. I think that everyone who lives in this country should do, and I think if everyone joined the State contribute them back. Every day I’m in prevents bad things could happen, including in helping Israel state exists. This feeling that I wanted to be a part of it, “explains corporal Eva.

CPL. Sofia admits that “before we got the recruiting really not thought Eva and I, we serve together. Prepare has been split up into two different positions, but then surprised us and reassigned both the same basic training, combat intelligence collection force.
It was luck, very glad. It was from natural everything we did together. “

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Translated from Hebrew