The FIDF officials patrol the Gaza Division

ביקור ה-FIDF באוגדת עזה. צילום: FIDF

A special delegation of 120 members of the Organization came to the Commander with the division commanders and soldiers, among other things, to keep a close eye on the organisation contributions transferred to the welfare of soldiers in recent years

תאריך: 02/05/2012, 16:53    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

An unusual delegation of one hundred and twenty members of FIDF Organization (Friends of
The IDF) arrived this week on a tour of the Gaza Division as part of the score of thirty years of activity. Operating on behalf of the Division and the army in General, and excited way contribution is reflected in the physical and mental aspects in different bases.

The FIDF contributes greatly to the Israeli building social structures and grants mainly contributes significantly to the world Israel image representatives coming from all over the globe and man
Machozotav man to improve Israel’s image and the IDF was his way of giving them a donation back to — visiting outposts, and meeting with their warriors FIDF helps already thirty years ago.

During the visit they saw in reality the observation balloons, met armored warriors who now deals in the sector, operational employment talk Golani fighters of a principles
The cloak. Among other things, they focused on three major facilities: the Headquarters Division, which contributed a lot in social organization in March and Cedar post. The lunch.
They ate together with soldiers, and call them talking the outbreaks. Also admiring the capabilities of the Division’s operational today was.

Meanwhile, this was an extraordinary mission. Usually come from a limited number of visitors, up to ten, and the first large delegation came against the backdrop of the celebrations.
The encounter with the soldiers moved them, and you could see by the comments, discussion topics and vigorously demonstrating when sioram. The dialogue with the fighters they had the best thing throughout their stay.

However, Israel has yet to visit. Last week came the men of country
A broad program that started in Poland and travel in Israel. Before visiting Gaza Division are explored in the next special continued to tour the base regimental training of paratroopers.
During their visit here met with the Chief of the celebrations they indicate the date independence day ceremony of “warrior” effort – they branch factory.

Translated from Hebrew