The fighter was killed in the attack: Sgt. Alla

For a publication that Sgt. Naftali, Golani 22 from Ofra settlement, killed in terrorist attack in the southern region integrated

תאריך: 18/08/2011, 22:04    
מחבר: יונתן אוריך

For a publication that first Sergeant Moses naphtali, a soldier in the Golani Brigade’s Brigade, was killed today (Thursday) terrorist attack in the southern region. Sgt. Naftali, 22 from Ofra settlement, was killed while on his way to assist passengers in the bus that was hit by terrorists North of Eilat. Sgt. Naftali brought to rest tomorrow at 10:00 at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.

Sgt. Naftali was second in a family of seven children. Recently he completed his course in the classroom, one of the patrol brigades of the Division. His friends told the IDF site that he was “poisoned” Golani, reach combat unit and wanted to contribute to the country.

Before his military service, he studied the religious program: Naftali pre-primary level military Keshet
The Golan Heights. His mother, Shula said, “even though I haven’t seen him I know as a mother that Moses fought bravely and boldly. I have no doubt. My favorite son did everything with dedication and perseverance, and we are proud of it. He was a soldier, for example, set goals and status. He did the best for Eretz Israel believed it and belief. “

Translated from Hebrew