The fighters are increasingly using training simulators

This year the coach lives in a 75% increase in use and training, “shalohamim,” a total of 4 million virtual balls

תאריך: 02/03/2012, 16:00    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

Three new artists (simulators) Infantry Brigade reaching the divisional training bases of GoC army headquarters, so that by 2014 all izzoid in the Advanced Trainer model 2000-iEST. The coach comes Golani is active already in 2013, and will be operational from other artists until 2014: come on weekends, especially large facility that contains three instead of two fire halls and beka’ot, regimental training base of the shaft.

Live from the artists to allow an intense workout and realistic without wasting ammunition, are caught in the military as a powerful tool to improve the quality of operational qualification. This year recorded a 75% increase in usage and practice in regard to last year. “Warriors,” a total of about 7 million small arms shooting and nearly one million shells – without having to “waste” a whole one.

“Many projects to take advantage of this excellent tool to increase combat service and help them,” said אע”צ site רמ”ד light infantry trainers polishuk, and crossbar.
“The coach that already exists in an (military engineering school-who), for example, units from the area to practice.

The coaches allow live, after practice, recover the PCs encounter the necessary reasoning. “As a result of the lessons are given at the end of the exercise troops.
Showed an improvement of 25 percent shooting performance, “said רמ”ד infantry and coaches beside the soldier looks on, and when they see on the big screen this problems leads to significant improvement. “

Also, soon added more weapons simulations. So far the morglim warriors fighting with a Tabor had to practice different scenarios using M-16 training.
These days add trainers shot in Tabor, micro-tavor and Matador, shoulder rocket used by combatants to break entrenched structures. Three hundred tborim enter new trainers soon, connected electrical and communications cables without damaging the realistic.
Of the weapon.

Another significant change that is about to enter the year in artists ‘ lives is billed each of them several hours of practice coach as part of his basic case, as was done in training aircrew with Flight Simulator. Also try not soldiers and ikopacho laser shooting Simulator considered to be new to campus, too.

Moreover, the artists ‘ lives continues in developing special featured power ranges. In the coming year are planning to reinforce the system of special forces snipers, which entered the year providing the term near the shooting and provides a clear and accurate picture
Of the vulnerability. Also, to get more ranges that contain moving targets for training and more realistic challenge to combat.

Translated from Hebrew