The fighters foiled an infiltration event Al

דובר צה”ל

Warriors of the air defense system, the Defense mission operations in the Southern Hebron hills, thwarted tonight (Friday) to experience the community of negohot settlement and prevented the attack and civilian

תאריך: 10/10/2015, 19:10    
מחבר: אתר חיל האוויר

The event begins after midnight when air defense fighters identify suspicious movement of the moving image. They toss the security forces initiated a procedure for apprehending suspects and shooting in the air according to the procedure. At this time connected power Commander, Omar סג״מ and another soldier with the same power and knife in hand of the ship. The officer opens fire at the bomber and disable it. A search after the incident found light arms. The Warriors acted professionally and determination and thus prevented rural intrusion event on a Saturday night and residents.

The fighters foiled an infiltration event Al

In recent years several attacks occurred on Friday nights in villages in South Mount Hebron and Nablus and IDF fighters are now to ensure the safety of residents.
Only a terminated Thursday after he stabbed a soldier in Tel Aviv by an air defense (Al) in the rank of second lieutenant, second lieutenant officer chased the bomber, and shot him to death.

“Warriors of the Tower carrying all the time to serve as security for civilians,” said Lieutenant Colonel Roy Katz, battalion commander of Second Lieutenant Daniel. “We never plan that incidents of this kind, but we set them all the time, from rocket and missile interception, hostile aircraft dropped that penetrates the country to hostile terrorist activity event like this in her second Lieutenant Daniel. This is part of the Warrior’s dexterity in the array.

Paid with his life.

This is not the first time that Israeli air force soldiers are driven attack a year ago, Sgt. Almog shiloni, sprouts base soldier attacked by rope and resisted abduction attempt weapon while fighting him despite the injured from the attack. Staff Sergeant, coral, prevented a larger bombing due to opposition to the attempted kidnapping. Ryan showed steadfastness in light of the purpose and willingness to fight and perform the role of personal risk.

Air Force Commander gave his certificate of appreciation, saying “this is a special occasion where an entire force indicates a soldier. Coral also unfolded did the right thing. Coral is a symbol not only of death, but his willingness to enlist his command “way. IAF Commander contact coral’s family, saying “our Alliance was born in the blood but has its own Zoo. I felt I couldn’t let slip that this coral identification “.

PFC coral shiloni, was commander of the Negev party defence forces the bottom of sprouts, a graduate of the first class of the project grade controls netzah Yehuda battalion. With recruitment to the IAF in March 2013 was interviewed for the Israeli air force and said: “I always wanted to be a fighter for the draft did, running fitness. I so much. “

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