The fighters seized weapons in the village of Beita in Samaria

הנשק שנתפס

This is the second operational success month troop basalt fighters “of the time, this is a concept of” Uzi “gun and detention for questioning of wanted persons

תאריך: 31/10/2012, 20:08    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Two weapons were seized last night (Tuesday) in the village of Beita settlement. The Brigade’s forces found two houses of weaponry from machine type “Uzi” and brought to the interrogation of the event, which is the operational success of basalt “Regiment” in the past three weeks.
“Monday night received a warning about arrests in the village of Beita, and the presence of weaponry,” said Deputy Commander of the regiment’s lieutenant, helping me. “I immediately started studying the information required. On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday went
Two forces when one power led by Deputy Commander of the regiment came from the North and another in the South command. The Deputy said that view was a RAID on two houses in four parallel, and at which simplifies power from South held scan to investigate, and found a bag with ה”עוזי machine. Simultaneously at the two after questioning admitted
Requested that hid weapons and led the power to place. Then the powers to arrests in two other homes.
The Deputy noted that views “on the current incident causes the run were the soldiers themselves. Recently conducted an exchange of many commanders and the soldiers were experienced, and we of emphasis that are the point of Greece, who knew all the drivers and event management. The Commander of the battalion, Lieutenant class Paper Sacks said that “before we hatm Samaria activity day which included many lectures on the topic of purity, which is something unique to finish that day. The event saw
Because the soldiers actually behaved this way, in a dignified manner against the suspects themselves and were very professional.

As mentioned, the operational success of the regiment a month, about three weeks ago when forces from Palestinians who set fire to the Tomb area near Har Bracha. “There’s enthusiasm in the operational successes, but we work quietly and modestly as the way”, says Deputy Sachs.

Translated from Hebrew