The fighters trained in underground warfare roadmap

The IDF conducted counter-terrorism well outline: underground bunkers and tunnels, including branched, also features. Each patrol brigades of combat divisions will live on this website

תאריך: 15/09/2011, 11:41    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

Periodically terrorism wears new shapes. In the air, on land and sea. creativity is boundless when the values of the dubious vision of regional terrorism. Year tapering in understanding that a new arena will be right under our feet-describes the underground fighting. Bunkers and tunnels cut Aloe kilometers in various sectors, undermine and threaten the stability of Israel’s security.
In the area of the Gaza Strip, for example, the tunnels became time to a parallel world of life on the surface, and includes hundreds of tunnels for different purposes, often hblnity, in the North of Earth sizzles. The deadly new evidence in June 2006, when without warning out of the terror tunnel, dug near the Kerem Shalom crossing. The result: two dead and one soldier.
CPL. Gilad Shalit, who returned to his home.

Underground fighting was until recently the sole nachltan of special units specialised in the field. However, the awareness that while the fighting just to fight, it will be
Apparently in the subterranean route than a special unit, called the tradition: now also patrol of infantry brigades went underground. Rare documentation as part of exercise גדס”ר ‘s נח”ל challenging brigades, the Brigade training tour straight from the depths.

“Grenade!” yells one of the soldiers from the depths of the Earth. “23, 22, 21. Advanced teams quickly and efficiently, and innocent. Long concrete tunnels and dark ambience dupes, almost scary. Gaze of the Warriors look determined levels, and the sweat trickles from on a clear winner to ignore them. “We’re moving forward!” they shout.

“Maybe one day we will release exactly that Gilad Shalit.”

The tunnels that are exercise was conducted under Lesh (a practice urban warfare) in command, training. After purification
The coat, the soldiers practice fighting underground level, staff team. When they descend slippery stairs into the darkness and thick concrete, they know it won’t be easy. “Terrorist” can hide in any Hall or room hosted by darkness, and surprise.
The company commander, Maj. a, quick to locate “dark rooms” of the device, illuminating his way with a flashlight head. When shadril starts is tracking teams and examine eyes, pausing occasionally to give the fighting emphasis to warring parties. Today the nuances of fighting will be different than usual: darkness, orientation difficulties and stay below ground, will challenge the warriors.

“We’re making progress, we see him going into the underground, broker
Say, major a. “The IDF’s confrontation, if it’s out in the open if it is built, the space becomes more and more, and the enemy understands that trying to make obstacles and take advantage of the underground to mediate,” he said. He said incoming. the premium units such as נח”ל פלס”ר “they give solutions where the enemy is,” explains major Sun.

First bug. “Fire, fire, fire-fighters,” firmly and stand up on edge in providing their full protection. ח”קים ammunition (projectile homeless) shot each other in multiplayer the 16 m, bash the adipose tissue of silence. Smell the dust fire spreads in the air of the facility, as the Warriors level scanners. The bomber.
Continue to move forward.

Already, the IDF was forced to deal with the new layout-just two years ago. “We met an underground weapons in operation cast lead in these changes and others,” explains the company commander, “this exercise prepares for power describes takes on this front we plan and prepare to war.” Finally, the soldiers are taking the surface successfully.
You can again go comfortably back into the light, which outcropped in advance.

Timed exercise. The fighters climb the stairs one by one through them to the fresh air of the fire zones. It’s getting dark, and the city and the green areas around the deeper color coated. The next team prepares to enter tunnels, a newly shalohamim where the ground rushing to remove the protection and their weapons, and to quench the country’s cold termoken. Perspiration stains tattooed on every blade ‘. “Who knows, maybe one day. Maybe one day we will release exactly that Gilad Shalit, “says one of the soldiers around him longer at midday. Thunder of the sound well outdoors. In the meantime, practice.

Translated from Hebrew