“The fires were to develop, the day off within minutes.

The unit commander, Lt. Col. Rami, several aircraft activity.
Shutdown during the summer for “cooperation with other fora, the rescue is the secret is to get the fires early.”

תאריך: 16/08/2012, 09:48    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

At the height of summer we read daily about additional Flash another fire that started and contained at the time. As the images engraved into the Carmel fire in our minds, we breathe a sigh of relief every time we hear that “the troops took over the fire in time.
Aerial firefighting unit, which was established as part of the lessons of the disaster, there is a significant and substantial part in braking of the fires. The unit commander, Lt. Col. Rami, told IDF site on an on-going activity in the 18 months since its inception, the close cooperation with civilian officials and the only development until today and in the near future.

“We are at a point where we answer the usual established by Government decision a year and a half ago. In January 2011, started work in March and was declared operational qualifications in 5.5.2011. We military unit in charge of the operating carrier and combat doctrine, and working with the Fire Department, JNF and Israel nature and Parks Authority, said Lieutenant Colonel Rémy. He explains that the only complex structure because it was a collaboration with Elbit and CHIM-NIR, which operates the planes. “All our operating concept was made against
Firefighting personnel, here there is a very big progress as Greece held a significant change in the fire department. Because we are a resource that requires central control this year began to work the Control Center Fire Department we work through it and it is really the job more efficiently, in addition to the post of air force. “

The Colonel explained that the unit is responsible for sending the planes where they need according to commands and is responsible for briefing pilots and operational responsibilities. A significant part of the space flight is with cooperation officers, air, nature
Air support advice depending on fire, the preparations for the assistance, to coordinate the programs, to produce and to create tadofim. Each event comes at least one command staff, including the driver, and from questioning officer or an operations administrator of (receptionist
-Operations) to help manage. “Partnering with productive and civil is actually our field agents. The people living in very help and promotion decisions, as he kept Greece to seize the early fires.

The year opened with the lessons from last year, which was the year of construction, so we
Especially a lot of training, that they are not used. If last year we did the training establishment, today about training arranged with firefighting services, with each binding has land and could cope with a forest and field fires, we did two exercises. Of course, while we’re conducting operations and training exercises, and see the beautiful results. And what are these results? In mid-August 2012 took part only in about 90 fires this summer, when the previous summer the number stood at 160. Lieutenant Colonel Rémy emphasizes that the summer is not over and that the more complex part is still to come, the weather bstav Greece is characterized by winds and dryness which causes condensation.

However, the Commander of the unit that could indicate satisfaction and half year we weren’t huge fires. Although not every year there is a huge fire in Israel, but had many in the past, and you can see that certain places the planes contribute to efficiency in performing the task, and that very perception of power and brings flexibility and very quick reach. The fact that not only is the pilot, but some change a suitable value
As a whole, and especially the issue of discovering the crucial link, and build a plan and the powers “.

The unit made many changes since its inception. But the hatoosfot planes, training, training and workshops, one of the important changes made was changing the alert maintenance. Last year, the maintenance based on statistics of previous years, focusing on 60 days should be on high alert, but could not be sure when exactly will be 60 days. This year, it was decided that every day from 11 a.m. maintained a four-aircraft alert, standby 15 minutes to launch, no matter what the weather system.

“This is a significant change that brings it all fires is always a very fast response. Currently, response times are less than half an hour for air support. Fires that were developing large fires like Carmel and in Jerusalem, they are very challenging,
Currently prevented in time, “said Lieutenant Colonel Rémy, adding that” the fact that everything is conducted under the umbrella of the air force, has led to a dramatic change. ” Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Rami noted that there is a proposal to define a solution set, increase the database and integration of control helicopters. All the work and define the necessary operations were fully and now the proposal is budget discussions, and he will be held in two years to her.

Translated from Hebrew