The first Druze in the Israeli air force: the ADA is an integral part of the IDF

סא”ל ל זאהר קבלאן. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Lt. Commander Zaher kabalan, the construction unit of “Ramon” was the first Druze into RAF service number excl discriminate.

תאריך: 03/05/2012, 21:47    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Day 56 years ago, the first draft of the Druze population army until that day, young men volunteered for service and conscription law
Apply to all citizens, including members of the ADA. Lt. Commander Zaher kabalan, the construction unit of Ramon airbase, “the first Druze join the air force, and the first to reach the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, told IDF site on the process and their army of ADA, 56 years later.

“It was clear to me that I would serve. There was no question. My grandfather, was a volunteer army section in 50, and killed along with his brother by terrorists. My father volunteered, and it was completely natural, “says Lieutenant Colonel kabalan. “I didn’t know much about the air force. At that time ran with presentations and slides on each arm, known mainly on infantry and I, interested more in high school physics and mathematics, I’d be studying ROTC building engineering. Then when I offered two options-either to interpret aerial photographs, or project officer
The unit in the air force. The second option sounded interesting, and I have no doubt that this is where I should be. “

Lieutenant Colonel kabalan the roles and through many of its bases, from North to South. In his role he is responsible for the base infrastructure, including logistical matters. “Sir, I have a very big responsibility. While we support unit,
But we do have a direct impact on operational mission and functional continuity, not only fighting but also in the procedure. I advise the base commander on any topic related to construction and design.
I also need to be alert all the time, a contractor in performance of the Foundation, “he describes.

16 years in the army are not briefly and Lieutenant received assumptions kabalan on the way.
“As for the Druze community, never got a preference, and wouldn’t let me. Never felt oppression and have no inferiority. Any part which got dealt equal equal with others old and eventually came here solely because of skills, “he States.

“I’m very proud that I was the first Druze to the air force and the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, not because it necessarily, but because it shows me that hers for humans, and trust them blindly,” he says, “it symbolizes all the officers and soldiers that it all depends
Them, and if you spend can go far. “

However, Lieutenant Colonel kabalan said there are still gaps between the testimony and the religions of Israel Defense Forces, which mostly stems, a little familiarity and knowledge of other cultures. “I think
That order that soldiers can work best on commanders to know their culture and beliefs, habits and constraints, and to take them into account, and in response to receive soldiers with the highest motivation, soldiers know that know and come to them “.

According to him, the Druze community feel today an integral part of the country, when he personally appreciate the service first and then. Therefore, if Israeli officials reveal our culture too, the percentage can only go up. ” For the air force, is a family that received him with open arms. “They give a chance to any soldier without any distinction and can advance depending on qualifications,” he concludes.

Translated from Hebrew