The first glimpse into the “iron dome” system “

מור קטיפה

During technological exhibition held in Carrière, premiered the system “iron dome” that was supposed to protect the residents of industry threats. The system is expected to go into use this summer specials. The sole documentation:

תאריך: 25/04/2010, 15:22    
מחבר: יונתן אוריך ונדב דויטשר

The next generation is here. The iron dome system, which is supposed to provide protection to the residents of the South against the Qassams and rockets from the Gaza Strip, entering the final stages on mbzzo and presented this week for the first time in an exhibition held at the base technologies.

Another significant step in the formation of the battalion is the first one to run.
“Iron dome” that is ready to use. The system, which is used to dealing with short-term, short-range rockets against confrontation between 5 to 40 km and 155 mm artillery system offers effective protection solution, and most comprehensive, low cost, which can handle multiple large threats.

Approximately 90% success in intercepting rockets

The system success rate of 90% in intercepting rockets and is expected to go into use in summer 2010 specials. The system operated by the value of the Israeli air force. Manpower training and the formation soldiers to operate the system is the responsibility of the aviation industry and air force when the system responses are tailored to the operator.

Operators conducting simulations, which is a quality work environment and behavior
How the behavior and performance of the interceptor. In addition, the system “buffering capacity” scenarios so that you can manage and retrieve them as needed, move categories.

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