The forces used in space plasma transfusion

אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Treating a Palestinian injured in traffic accident in Bakaa, plasma fluid and efficient alternative to blood transfusion: “first and significant” treatment

תאריך: 04/04/2013, 12:38    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

For the first time the IDF made use of liquid blood plasma as part of treating critically wounded a Palestinian who was killed in a car accident in Jordan Valley. The man, who was hurt in the incident last month, lost large amounts of blood from his body, and intensive care unit soldiers of the חטמ”ר Valley which came immediately, used exclusively for plasma treating fluid and thus saved the life of the injured man.

“It is one of the components of blood plasma, that can be used as part of the treatment of wounded shock who lost a lot of blood,” said the pramdikith in Gentoo (ICU military) Valley,
Sgt. Alan Vivian. “In cases like accidents that we arrive quickly, not to injure bolus because supplies stowed in the blood. As an alternative it is possible to treat plasma and the first done in Israel.

The plasma fluid constitutes 55% of blood volume, and consists of water, proteins, immunoglobulin and sailors, and handling more accessible as unsaved Greece.
“The use of plasma is made in cases of massive blood loss, blood plasma, and next steps which provide fluid in parallel to increase blood volume,” stated Sgt. Alan.

The forces used in space plasma transfusion

Mobile intensive care. Photo archive

Def חטמ”ר ‘s portable goal operates around the clock, day and night, and includes
Sgt. Alan driver, wearing the pramdikith. Besides the treatment of soldiers, members of the primary health care team for Jewish settlers and Palestinians. “We are used
To be pop-ups for events. In this case, we were in the middle of a tour in shokaptzno and when we got there, we realized that it was a car accident, “said Sgt. Alan. “On the road lay critically wounded, who suffered injuries to the stomach and hips and pelvic fractures, lost a lot of blood.” The pramdikith said that immediately put the wounded crew members.
An ambulance and began treating the plasma and liquid soul. “The man began to lose consciousness due to blood loss and his blood pressure was very low, so drove him quickly to a close and there is a musak to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital, where he was returned to full consciousness and breathing,” added Sgt. Alan, and said that “plasma fluid therapy is for extreme cases I haven’t hardly heeding which way them until that event, but to be the ones who handle it for the first time in a very significant thing for us.”

Translated from Hebrew