The front unit displays: digging out tanks under fire

צילום: דובר צה”ל

The front unit of Central Command last week completed a complex exercise that simulates rescue רק”ם, tanks and armoured vehicles, combat scenarios under fire

תאריך: 01/01/2013, 18:52    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Imagine the scenario: Merkava Mark 4 tank with trophy, weighing dozens of tons, sunk in deep enemy State after heavy gunfire. Sitting inside the tank crew and ammunition, whose aim is to continue the operation and conquer goals, but first-out rather than risk point. How can they do it in the fastest and most efficient? On Saturday last week, the front unit of the central command, consisting entirely of reservists, which specialize in extracting heavy and light vehicles on fire and ready at any moment for a day.

The extraction unit of פקמ”ז consists of four separate teams, and practicing as platoon. It differs from various reserve units, which the law reserves training unit once a rule allowing women three years ago. As noted, the purpose is heavy rescue and easy extraction of various types, including רק”ם (armoured fighting vehicle), tanks,
נגמ”שים and the only units dealing especially complex rescues that standard difficult to perform extraction as unique shmapeina is its professional experience, acquired operations and Rabbi wars

The unit can extract all vehicles, even on the battlefield in complicated situations, ranging from an activated tank against tank time charge which overturned in the mud and soldiers, “the Commander of the exercise, Maj. me avissar. “The only capabilities not trivial at all. Each report today wants her delegates are attached to it, because the field is up to them, and they
Those that prevent a situation become safer, “vulnerability.

In an exercise conducted last week the reservists worked on extraction, when the emphasis in the current exercise was the operational element. Major avissar said that “the exercise is carried out once a year, and this is usually the element. This time we emphasized in particular the operational aspects, Riflery and drills. “Ultimately the rescue personnel working in the field as tankists, so they need to know to perform drills, mounted shooting and work habits, search and navigation”.

The front unit displays: digging out tanks under fire

The exercise two weeks ago. Photo: דו”ץ.

The company commander of the unit, רנ”ג (Ret.) Richard osert, said that” a training week, each year we add more content that is appropriate to the new needs.
At the same time. In addition, specify רנ”ג (Ret.) osert that the unit, which participated in operation” pillar “, produced the same lessons that implemented already in final practice.
Beyond exercise conducted every year, many companies conduct training which they require a team
Exercising with extraction and meets when necessary.

Exposed to fire to extract

How looks heavy vehicle rescue under heavy fire? The only officials admit that this is a complicated task. “We are digging out under normal conditions not under
Fire, we can reach the surface, off the tool, to learn and to see what needs to be done and how it comes to the rescue when the options open to us. But when there’s barrage.
A minimum of what we take with us, and the means that we work quickly, “explained רנ”ג (Ret.) osert.

In addition, the Company Commander noted that the teams are very vulnerable, and deal with many physical and mental difficulties. “Defensive shield” we should temper to connect cables and chains tank, shalohamim are in hiding places, we’re gone.
With e, exposed to fire, “he recalled. “Slowly but surely we have learned how to manage the situation,
And we take the lessons to develop techniques that will provide triple protection “, said רנ”ג (Ret.) osert. Whenever the unit is used the subject of creating a barrier between
The environment and the enemy, and every practice the acts of rescue protection.

The front unit displays: digging out tanks under fire

As mentioned above, the rescue unit composed entirely of reserve service, which must be disabled and unfit to perform their mission. The unit in terms of ordnance Corps elite unit. There are many volunteers who underwent the mandatory reserve
And all available 24/7, “said the Commander. Captain abisha noted that the availability of troops crucial when Greece they combine extensive know-how based on long years of experience.
רנ”ג (Ret.), osert reserves, said that” we have only one.
Whenever you need us, day or night, call us, determine and we are going to rescue “. The Commander of the exercise said that there are high requirements of extraction, and that “this role requires a lot of professionalism. Rescue work is a very dirty business, always somewhere physically inadequate, and adverse weather conditions. Extraction can continue long hours,
Talk based on motivation much connection between people, and bad value, and this really makes the unit.

The front unit of central command is in a State of constant readiness. However, רנ”ג (RES) osert said that” I would never say we’re ready enough that I
Believe that there is always something to learn and where. You cannot know what Ulead Systems day and always surprising events coming up. The company commander said that immediately upon completion of the training, the Registrar himself.
Ten lessons that he would like to produce for the next training year ש”משנה Greece, we are better prepared, and at the same time exposed to new knowledge. If defensive shield was threat is rocket ammunition and anti-tank mines, and those threats.
That we need to deal with, so you don’t sit on our laurels but aspire to learn and to teach at any time.

Translated from Hebrew