The future of aerospace defense: a magic wand and arrow 3

In the aerial defense of the freeze and to integrate protection systems “magic wand” ו”חץ 3″, which will provide full protection to the citizens of Israel

תאריך: 08/07/2012, 14:53    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Air Defense command before a huge change in the past: from the name change by changing the organizational structure to enable the “iron dome” system which demonstrates the success. What the future holds for him?

Senior industries of Azerbaijan presented at missile defense this month that future systems will soon array, including “magic wand” ו”חץ” according to the changing threats to the State of Israel.

Magic wand-a shimatit protection system

“The system has let many threats, protection from ground missiles shooting helicopters which are flying very low until the ballistic threats through all imaginable kinds. From the atmosphere to the ground at long distances and wider protection zones “,
Stated Director of magic wand and air defense in Rafael, Colonel (Ret.) yungman pins.
The system, which was designed in the framework of cooperation with security officials in the future to address two types of missiles-ballistic missiles and cruise missiles.

“The vision of the system and interceptor, he can handle anything. It is based on advanced interceptor has the technology upgraded existing technology, can contact each other and control system to serve as a platform for shooter intercept system, “says Colonel (Ret.) yungman.

In addition, Colonel (Ret.) yungman that many aspects of the new system.
“It can work in all weather with very high probability the THAAD interceptor, and initiate
Of the threat, direct to the point where you initiate the PA (warhead-l) of the threat “, said Colonel (Ret.) yungman, who added that the” magic wand “knows how to deal with a large number of targets, select the specific purpose which threatens from the targets, even if there are different types of targets in that barrage. However, the system can deal with air threats within which elements we want to intercept such elements are flying
Our aircraft. Colonel (Ret.) yungman noted that system maintenance is very simple, and that the system itself is very economical and very cheap relative to its performance, compared to other systems.

“Defense zones” very wide “wand. This is not a sulltit system, but national and regional system located in the center of one kind of layout improvement sites
Covering the country, Colonel (Ret.) yungman, adding that “next to the arrow system” ו”כיפת”, “wand” is a sandwich which works in them, and can manage all by attacking the policy that is set from the top, from edge to edge. And how will that look? It is a portable platform beam, which carries 12 missiles with launching
Vertical 360 degree coverage, with brief dispatches and recharging, and can deploy anywhere, which is controlled remotely by a command and control system (control-l).

Press 2 presses 3-breaking interception system

The arrow system is the anti-ballistic missile system, which was developed in Israel and American finance assistance in cooperation with the American company Boeing. The system consists of several components-management system “Citron”, launch control center – “nut”, as “unique” green pine missile launcher and missile. The launch of the system, built by sensors and interceptor that can arrive in time and space in order to intercept the targets. How works the interception? Acquire the desired goal, identify it, then doing the activities of calculations to produce the optimal point at which to fire into the air so that it reaches a point just a few centimeters.

“We heard a lot about the changing threat, and today the system is coping with threats that my predecessors in Office even be farts”, stated the Director “arrow”, Colonel (Ret.) Yitzhak Kaya. “The development process is continued, but
On the other hand the threat varies in tempo. Our challenge brings the situation keeps getting step
One forward. I see the analogy to unlocked every year goes and if new version market will not be with all the newest data will not be relevant. The importance of being in the field with the necessary capacity to respond to the threat of very dramatic “variable, specify
Colonel (Ret.) Kaya added that this is a very complex systems, which require different levels of integration, and so performing flight tests and ground experiments and
Models multiple times.

Meanwhile, Colonel (Ret.) Calle 3 arrow missile, designed to intercept ballistic missiles, high altitude more than press 2, and is currently in development.
The missile is Aksu-atmospheric pressure, i.e. intended to intercept attacking missiles in space, thus providing
To intercept Israeli missile formation better options to hit ballistic missiles or
Their ammunition during aupam. “The threats are already supposed to make a quantum leap in our ability to cope. Operational need him we accompanied two large voltages, the tension between the desire to leak near zero when it comes to conventional threats, and both sold in on budget. The arrow system knows how to handle the two together, “said Colonel (Ret.) KIA, adding that” further the specificity is the large level allows closing abilities, which gives the possibility to launch a rocket to space gift, and when there is definitive, the missile to turn towards the objective and intercepts, and if necessary to send another missile target and zlga.

Colonel (Ret.) KIA noted that the new meaning is that “open skies”, knows how to intercept far outside the atmosphere allows a far greater volume of certain intersectar main lines and gives several interception capabilities to protect Israel against threats.

Translated from Hebrew