The future practice of war.

צילום: עדן אזרן, מז”י

Apprentice course and מ”פים demonstrated strength, agility and skill invested exercise conducted in urban warfare training center

תאריך: 13/01/2013, 12:30    
מחבר: ניצן קינר, מז”י

In the early morning light begins to rise on the Mall buildings (urban warfare training centre), huge Center for training regular and reserve forces.
At first glance, it looks like a Palestinian village, including in residential buildings, hospitals and mosques – decorated with flags, posters and addresses. But it is a unique Centre used by the Mainland to combat training in a built-up area.

The future practice of war.

Last week we practiced in the imaginary town of מ”פים-class apprentice, to exercise competence in the training and in the Mel-מ”פים course is a professional course, designed to train the fighters running around operational combined arms. And participants from the future, regular and reserve service from all units.

The course is divided into teams, they or company commanders. The main objectives are to provide and magic elements and tools for control of plugatis and regimental combat teams, according to the theory, principles and values command. The teams of course do so through their pikodies development of operational function, while preparing for war when fighting itself.

The future practice of war.

The fighters equipped with all weapons, and cries of “fire!” sound. The chance and the latter will demonstrate design skills, determination and thinking outside the box so that when the course they will be qualified to command a platoon or battalion at war.

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