The goal: milling the legitimacy of the maritime blockade on Gaza

The activists participating in the flotilla a provocation to Gaza are trying to challenge the naval blockade on Gaza, rules – despite the approval of international law and further legal justification in Palmer.

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מחבר: מרכז המידע למודיעין ולטרור

Two ships and about 27 people, among them Peru Palestinian activists, social activists and media people, sailed on 2 November from Turkey to Gaza to challenge the naval blockade imposed by Israel, the Gaza Strip. Though the international community has recognized the legitimacy of the closure and Palmer ruled that it marched the legitimate security compatible with international law.

The two ships set sail out of Fethiye port at noon November 2 toward the Gaza Strip, after several delays. Until the ships to keep their profile low, organizers called in due to concern that their plan to leave the Gaza Strip by Israel be prevented (as the previous flotilla took not away).

The two ships from Ireland and Canada and 17 passengers. Among the passengers are crew members, journalists and activists from Peru-Canada, Scotland, Ireland, USA, Australia and Israel. According to the testimony of one of the passengers, the Turkish authorities limited the number of passengers on each ship for 12 people only, so much of the activists, who were expected to take part in the flotilla remained in Turkish soil.

According to the Canadian ship passengers carrying medical supplies worth 30,000 dollars. They said the main goal behind seeking is to challenge the naval blockade of the illegitimate. According to John Mallon, an Irish ship,
Ships leaving port with boats from the Turkish coast guard. He added that the ships are on a humanitarian mission and that they sail directly to Gaza without entering the territorial waters of Israel.

A central goal of the flotilla, as well as its predecessors, is chewing on the legitimacy of the closure on the Gaza Strip and to restrain the freedom of action of IDF operations to prevent smuggling of weapons and terrorists into Gaza. This is reflected in statements from participants
The flotilla, that its purpose is “to break the blockade on the Gaza Strip and that” the blockade is illegal and unjustified “.

The international community rejected this argument of the Israeli closure was illegal and expressed the opinion that it is possible to transfer humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip by land meant to defy Israel. The thing found in many reflected in the reservations on the part of the international community, expressed in the first flotilla and contributed ultimately failed to go his way.

The perception that the closure imposed by Israel is legitimate, reinforced dialogue
Palmer published on 2nd September 2011. In the findings of the report is the statement that the closure imposed by Israel on the Gaza Strip is a security move and compatible with international law. The origin of this step, says the report, is the real threat to Israel’s security from extremist groups “in the Gaza Strip (the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip have widespread system of smuggling weapons, including long-range rockets, the sea lanes
And land).

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