The good: the standard reserve admission to great academic track

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In addition to raising money in front of landmarks and personalities, atuda improves conditions for recruits-switching and encouraging wider populations to join, are just some of the changes expected in the next few years.

תאריך: 06/09/2015, 09:23    
מחבר: נטע לוי, אתר צה”ל


Bring the prestige, from next school year exceed the threshold the IDF academic meaning, the standard personal cost entrance grades, and next year will be able to upload both the benchmark score the required SAT to get into orbit. “Today required a score of 550 points,
That is the threshold of most universities. We want to raise the bar to range from 600 to 650 in order to maintain the quality received route, “explained the head of technological and academic personnel, Lt. Col. Yuval Greenberg in an interview with Israeli army site gets more technology every day, and we need to increase the well amlsh requirements to ensure that the key ltepkidi the finest people there”.

The ROTC is not only professional, but officer Commander and his social skills are required, therefore imokd the personality-it will be candidates. currently, in order to get to the reserve must for psychological personality test in civilian institutes that offer diagnostic services occupational direction. “The new program required applicants to indicate higher current reception threshold,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Greenberg.
“Anyone who didn’t receive enough score in personality but at other sorts-seeker called for the emergency phase and a final interview with the final suitability determined to track”.

In the future will reserve for officers and arrays in order to diversify the service

The aim of the course according to Lieutenant Colonel Greenberg, is to return to the reserve the prestige
Lost from him since the strengthening of the high-tech age; For the past decade, there is a gap of almost 20 per cent between the desirable with regard to staffing, academic standards.
“We also have tough competition with cyber systems and Intelligence Division in the IDF on young minds. These are values that require soldiers to marry the almost decade army and therefore a decrease in demand to reach the reserve, “he stated.

In addition, these days there’s work personnel manager and academic technology
To enable the role. This means that you can move between the servants and the various array while maintaining the same position. “To commit to the same role in the same place for a long period of terrifying the young generation”, Lieutenant Colonel Greenberg. “צה”לית-vision, it is important that we give the possibility to have reserve students are challenged and work with different values and thus gain more knowledge and experience, “he explained.

Another good news is that according to the data of the last recruiting cycle, academic
80% of the students received one of the first three options are seeking final assignment target. Her new work program the Director will allow the academic reserve to know six months in advance what exactly they’re only creeps with mobilization, whereas in the past could only know what they used force. “The goal of this program is to produce a soft landing soldiers allow them to learn and recognize they only going to belong before setting himself,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Greenberg.

Even without high scores in final exams can be made to the reserve.
As part of
Efforts to open the reserve to other populations changes.
Already this year the Director in collaboration with the Open University on building unique route designed to allow students who have not been recognized in the higher grades to be accepted to reserve. The program transition channels require a student to undergo a year of basic courses and master classes in mathematics and physics. If he succeed them, he could go to graduate studies even if a suitable maturity scores hands, “explained Lieutenant Colonel Greenberg.

If the article you desire, and you want to get across, but you reserve
Regular service soldiers already sure it too late, we have a surprise for you-new program will allow you to leave your current job to examine the tamtchm reserve, and according to the degree of match-start degree studies. “Even before this option was for soldiers, but it almost didn’t happen, mostly because of a lack of awareness of the possibility,” admitted Colonel Greenberg. “Today the pishtano birocris procedures associated with the transition and now this option open and certainly recommended.


Translated from Hebrew