The grey family not forgetting noplia

Rishon Lezion City ceremony held communion with 23 members, alumni Corps. The event was attended by many teens, who joined in the coming months for Corps

תאריך: 31/10/2011, 18:54    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

The first days of winter arrived in Israel and with sparse rains that leave their tracks on the sidewalk. Alongside blessed shaking rainfall in recent days of rocket barrages the southern name reminds people how the silence surrounding Gaza Strip can be fragile. Under threat of calling his hand to Ashdod and dir that is also of citizens of Rishon Lezion, was held last night (Sunday) ritual communion 23 male Corps members, son.

“Yad labanim” bereaved families booked to remember their loved ones and little else came to absorb the silver legacy students and high school. Status were representatives from the chain of command of a corps and head of the תח”ן and kan, Colonel Savage, who replaced combat engineering officer for warming feet in the South.

This is the fourth ceremony it initiates Yad LeBanim in Rishon Letzion, a signal Corps. But the bereaved families represents the unique opportunity to connect urban youth, with some approaching their enrollment day, distinguishes the whole heritage.
The ceremony typically moves between two extreme points: on the one hand the score and force the two played incessantly shiri Morel of Corps alongside motivational videos. “It is important to connect youth to the military experience,” said רמ”ד encouraging recruitment of combat engineering corps, major provision of bar-on, we want to convey to them how Corps boasts an intimate family atmosphere.”

In order to appeal to a young audience held toward the end of the ceremony a panel where senior commanders spoke combat engineering corps and two students from sixth grade, I say to tell the machoichim what Hall populated learned about hailit heritage. Sitting on the Panel were: officer
He received medals from the second Lebanon war deeds, צמ”ה instructor showing not only
Men can deal with grease, which turns from Gush Katif and took part in the lead
Cast members of the military.

“For us it is a great honor to be here instead of all legacy,” said IDF Col. site Savage, noting that “this is reminiscent of the past but also sends his gaze toward the future. This is the first time I here and happening here something beautiful, also falling and families that want to connect Prague “.

Colonel savage references quite young and told them that “the IDF’s purpose is to protect the homeland, the Jewish home, in meaningful service so big. Take part in this thing called militiamen. Corps is a special force, and interesting. A leading force not to call his soldiers ‘ cutting edge ‘ fighters. It is a small family, LAR. Soon, your turn will come to lead the race Apostles. It will be your job to bring peace not only talk but also in deeds. Just so we can keep the House. “

“Cooperation has been good, there are very few moments where you feel such intensities,” said IDF Col. site Savage, one of the participants told me that Holocaust chnizzolat aroused tremendous pride to stand with Israel “flag. Col. Sabbagh addressed the Corps activities during the last period and the renewal of the fire
Gaza City, said that “events reinforce our importance. Influence on the battlefield and nachitno for progress-forces felt “.

Translated from Hebrew