The guard at the gate: a burning past 4 years counter wraps at the Syrian border.

סרן רעד במעבר קונטרה. צילום: ניר גל, דו”ץ

For years beyond a quiet point recognized contra mainly with apples. The strategic transition fire enveloped the Syrian civil war. Capt. Adham shook explains about the task facing the security and humanitarian situation in Syria

תאריך: 25/09/2013, 14:04    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

רמת הגולן
מעבר קונטרה
צבאות זרים

In the morning June woke Capt. Adham, tremor passed contra the Golan border with Syria, at the shootout. A group of rebels managed to take over the strategic crossing on the Syrian, and activate the powers of Assad who ruled during the transition, actually, from the date of establishment. But like almost every other issue in these years of Syria, Czechoslovakia stability;  Six hours after the rebel takeover captured Assad forces heavy fire on the move again. The conflict, hundreds of yards from the Israeli border only, although no threat to troops, but demonstrates the importance of the given strategy to move counter.
After four years in Office, two years of which under the Syrian civil war, Commander of the agreement beyond the challenging period at the border, which was two years ago in Israel.

After almost 40 years of silence: a change in the perception of security.

Beyond CT is the only border crossing between Israel and Syria, which sponsored activity or forces in 1974 after the Yom Kippur war. The transition
Between enemy countries is not a real breeze as you explain to the IDF website, the Commander, Capt. Adham. “The transition will be beyond active used civilian population and goods between the two enemy countries, and worked in this form until 2011, the beginning of the revolution in Syria”, explained the Commander.
Adham is living the transition. Working with the civilian population, the forces
Foreigners, the International Committee of the Red Cross. He runs the transition throughout the week, serving mostly the soldiers that go between the two sides. In light of the situation in Syria in the past, humanitarian crossings has dropped significantly. Apple goods crossings have decreased and the Druze students from the Golan to Syria out.
“At the end
It’s in the interest of the State of Israel. Instead that the population will grow, given the terrorists the opportunity to cultivate doctors and lawyers who are returning to their country are educated and work in the country. There is also agricultural interests, as the Apple shaodaf is off the market and maintains high standards of goods groupings “, explained the Commander.

The guard at the gate: a burning past 4 years counter wraps at the Syrian border.

But after two years in the role, things have changed.
For Captain. The situation in the Middle East with the beginning of headstand what spring machine
. Syria citizens took to the streets, and the situation escalated. The Syrian border counts
Almost 40 years as a quiet State border became overnight the limits of uncertainty.
“In the East.
High school all reality has changed. Also the transition itself is quiet. The war began became less quiet border as early as 2011, and hundreds of Palestinian infiltration naksa day brought to understand that things are no longer the same. The same set of breakthrough by the Syrians worth the turning point after which the IDF has begun changing the security concept that worked so good for 40 years.

Immediately after the case received in the decision to build the new barrier,
As part of the hourglass, which comes to the end. This is a massive and powerful fence, you’ve already managed to prove itself at the border. It changed the perception of protection with renewing the canals, adding observations and gathering along the border.

“Giving medical assistance to the wounded without distinction according to organization Association”

UN forces also understood the situation. Her movement and important buffering or between countries that free and safe passage, turned dangerous. What
״סיור קל״ was among the countries he guarded convoy today and magvent, and last year decided to abandon the three different countries the Golan Heights, the Austrians had a shaharons a few months ago. Bargains like two years ago that they were crossing the Alps
Annually no longer possible, and it’s a few days away.
“The border is not staying
It clarifies, “the outgoing Commander. Her population comes to us for medical assistance is the same population that sees our country an enemy State, and it’s a complicated situation. However, we provide medical assistance to wounded civilians arriving as the fence, without distinguishing the organizational Association stressed the Commander.


The guard at the gate: a burning past 4 years counter wraps at the Syrian border.

Border patrol Chief in Syria, earlier this year. Photo: IDF

But despite the readiness of the troops, fearing uncertainty exists in Director Northern air. Although that IDF believes that Syria has no
Why open a front with Israel, looking side leakage of Syrian forces employers. “The war in Syria and it’s hard for me to believe that asorim interested in assault in Israel in light of the situation there. They have the ability to open another front against third parties.
However, there are concerns about the Syrian side. -Have it. So we are always prepared for any scenario, “explained captain.
And what about the future?
Only time will tell and history dictate. “As long as the regime in Syria is Assad’s regime, the transition will continue to function due to economic and humanitarian interests. If Assad fall I reckon that will be closing, at least for a while, until the army realized what happened on the other side and who against who. Only then will be accepted. Also the reality about the soldiers need to be changed and their activity might תצטמצם״.

Translated from Hebrew