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אל”מ אורן גיל. צילום: מז”י

Al pine age has detailed plans to combat fitness of IDF fighters he believes every soldier and officer must maintain high fitness and nutrition — and has a few ideas. Interview

תאריך: 06/07/2012, 18:39    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

The second Lebanon war was a critical point for IDF twist.
Request the inference from it led to sweeping changes in various fields: ready reserve ammunition depots, changing combat doctrine, etc. Reinforcing combat fitness was among the most dramatic changes when the concerns about the fitness of warriors on the battlefields has red bulbs in the top echelons. Led by Col. Dr. avi Moyal built new training programs for the Warriors built gyms and emphasis on a healthy lifestyle among the soldiers, officers and non-commissioned officers in the IDF.

2 months ago packed Col. Moyal luggage and deposited the vast array of structure Col. Oren, former Commander senior security unit. In 21 years in the army as a Colonel in age enough, to be a company of paratroopers Regiment are to serve as Deputy Commander and master school, unlike d. Moyal, enlist a workout Guide
In the ordnance Corps and rose through the ranks in the combat fitness, don’t have the operational history of him as Chief painter, not necessarily as a mentor.

“AVI Moyal a personal friend and person who I personally love, affection רמ”ח combat fitness, Col. Oren, in an interview to the site. “I got to practice with him even once. I can testify that AVI Moyal made our revolution. In five years as head of the combat fitness he did most correct processes
At the time “. According to Col. Gil, from this moment on the combat fitness necessary to grow differently. “We now have the ability to leverage his actions to new places.
Fortunately today I finally do IDF combat fitness, but still not satisfactory levels can be reached. Based on physical fitness, we wish to develop the combat fitness.

The healthier diet would significantly

Long deliberations constituted the new appointment of the רמ”ח.
“Decided that candidates Mr. role won’t come from the world of combat fitness,” notes Col. Gil. Combat fitness Department is responsible, in General, in the preparation of the individual and the frame for the physical and mental aspect. The soldier should be as physical aspect, the combat aspect too.
And mental strength, “he explained,” these three areas of responsibility. In addition, dealing with combat fitness class on the topic of lifestyles, which handled the industry pay. The branch
Running on many lines run through the groups and walks of life project creep. The branch leads the project “lead” women friends. Thankfully, what the army realized in recent weeks that this process cannot only come from combat fitness. Speaking of physical culture, need to take into account additional elements.

Among them Col. Gil cardinal elements included nutrition, health and combat soldier and physiotherapy. In these weeks a popular process lead by General אט”ל Kobi Barak, and his crew chief medical officer Brigadier General Dr. Itzik Kreis,
About improving nutrition in the team won an impressive name “Supreme Council” in nutrition, and includes other participants such as combat fitness רמ”ח, Commander of the Center easy IDF examine the products which he will Cook: pay attention to the type of oil and the like, choose healthier meat, gradual change that the army is going to start to do it seriously.
Worthy, “explains Col. Gil.

Other changes are led by Col. Oren age: “we would like to do an orderly process with fixed rules, designed to make the motivation to engage in sports. Among other things, the criteria for advancement in leadership will be health and fitness level. The officer would be in shape and be healthier will have many benefits. “Officers will sport the same points they can exploit to sports equipment. In this way we try to encourage officers and to combat them. Furthermore, once a year charge testing and officers who participate
The two want to be held and approved by us won’t need to test because it’s already more than military requirements “.

In addition, in October close to open six more teams running the officers.
Instead, all national groups that operate today, going by age to initiate targeted groups according to the officers ‘ residential areas. “There will be six teams running mainly men and officers. Teams in Ashdod, Beersheva, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and acre. Everywhere be command or accountability. The main news they come home and work in more comfortable times: 8:30-9:30. Furthermore, in an effort to strengthen the family unit, Deputy Chief, legal and crepe to share a set or socialite set his partner groups. In the future we look forward also to the open Group for officers on the retired Warrior, a step it said Chief reserve officer interest. “

To encourage measures to further age later. “קרפ”ר ‘s vision and have our ‘ recipe ‘ fitness class. Us explain how fitness training soldier a day he needs, what he should eat. We do it today and units at the level of projects, but we haven’t even gotten to the individual. The vision of the officer corps or imports with reference to combat fitness class and take his measurements of fat and muscle, can draw right conclusions. Commanders considered what will apply from then on and it will change to military life.

Furthermore, the IDF officers Championship added additional featuring tough reserve array: jungle hospital that will perform at the playground. “We regard ourselves as serious and professional. In fact, we are the largest organization in the country, and our goal is to be an exemplary model, the right of citizens “.

Translated from Hebrew