The health and fitness month, IDF officers and soldiers: drink water only

Chief, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, popular during IDF championship run.
For commanders, you open the events the month in a popular forum controls sign Covenant to lead a healthy lifestyle.

תאריך: 16/10/2012, 14:30    
מחבר: יונתן אוריך, אתר צה”ל

The health and fitness month, IDF opens tomorrow (Wednesday) in the event of IDF officers Championship, where the Chief of general staff participates, Benny Gantz, Commander Forum
Sayeret Matkal IDF officers of all ranks Lieutenant Colonel or higher. This year, unlike previous years, will participate in the event from reserves – in order to improve the fitness of the reserve army.

“As part of an effort to improve the fitness reserves the Mag res and add them to the IDF, where participants all the insides of the IDF”,
Explain the רמ”ח combat, Colonel Oren.

Colonel Gill explained that “no gym bring us more as a service. We have to combine task nutrition and health “. Therefore, the food will be served in the IDF officers Championship to be healthy food and also during the month, pass the Food Center of the IDF water only to officers and soldiers and sugary drinks.

IDF officers Championship include competitive professions year groups, with an emphasis on popular subjects, attendance officers in charge. Commands and arms in the IDF undertook to participate in various competitions, not just the presence during the day.
“Estimates about 80 percent of officers will participate in the Championship and will engage in training, nutrition and health,” said Colonel Gil.

Benny Gantz, Chief of general staff, will lead the field of runtime. In addition, today held a joint team play basketball against veterans Maccabi Tel Aviv.
During the Championship will participate also Noam gershoni, wins gold medal in Olympic Games-the salute, gershuni’s work.

Meanwhile, all popular forum sign Treaty of lifestyles, which rather senior IDF commanders approve because they lead the cultural change in lifestyle –
In the health, fitness and nutrition. “We want to see a healthy army and fit”, said Colonel Gil.

Combat units will be examined in combat fitness

After a two-year break in the back of the gym suddenly. “We have one objective – to fight and win. Therefore the IDF exists. Combat fitness is the qualification level of the individual and of the different units. We return to this need for focus as regards the combat Division and the entire army “, said Colonel Gil.

During the coming months the various units will be examined in terms of the combat fitness level. All combat units in the IDF fighters reach finals, which are practiced and then their ranking. “We want to know your fitness level and also to encourage a competitive, business units, and commanders in combat fitness level of their fighters,” explained רמ”ח combat fitness.

Another innovation will be listed this year, when an officer committed warrior in annual performance testing combat fitness – once a year. “Previously only a combat unit needed to perform testing
So we decided to lead it now about all the officers in the Warrior, “explained Lieutenant Colonel Gil, who stressed that” Tester is now mandatory as a condition for promotion and rank of officers.

Translated from Hebrew