“The ‘ Hero ‘: a story of Valor follows an operation’s shrine

באדיבות אתר “הגבורה”

On the occasion of the holiday of Chanukah IDF website publishes the heroic stories of rare loot systems in Israel. Second candle heroism: symbol follows Prime Minister flew in an airplane Piper to aid paratroopers in place of high lifetime risk

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מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Many wrote about heroism story of Moses Akhmat, Piper pilot who rescued wounded paratrooper from the burning plane, while discovering the courage. But which events or thoughts actually human motives? Moses follows a number of IDF website interview about the events leading up to the Prime Minister, and difficult for Medal of courage.

Lily was late to his Piper aircraft squadron of the Israeli air force when called with his aircraft in the middle of the night to find the forces paratroopers who dropped beyond the mitla pass, with no way to communicate. Not for nothing called lily to the task. In this type of plane, where the landing point is unknown enemy territory, it was decided to send a pilot to prove the expertise ב”לקיחת risks.

In 1956, on the eve of the temple was a pilot operation link about Pyper and aircraft stationed in the northern command. During this period Piper pilots were not considered as fighter pilots, so
Even officer and I haven’t received. My job was to go on excursions together with the intelligence behind enemy lines Directorate, and get information about their weapons against aircraft. We need to know what kind of missiles they have and in what quantities.
For this was no other way but to wait for the right shot at: gray smoke, white smoke from another missile. So that anyone with intelligence would be able to shoot, I would sing
The wing so that he can open the door of the plane and pull out the camera.
The situation is complicated, and it is considered a very dangerous flight. As a result, after flying out
Name of the pilot who takes risks. That dubious title I got is infallible throughout the service, which ultimately made me reach Sling operation kadesh, Akhmat site today.

“The ‘ Hero ‘: a story of Valor follows an operation’s shrine

Moses follows a pilot in his Piper.

Frustration, good reputation and respect.

In retrospect, would have cost them a dangerous flight carried Akhmat were wanting to prove himself more than others, or frustration or protect
Reputation drove him in her flight. “I remember one day comes to the base class member and asked to fly the Piper. As Greece not specialized on Piper, certainly not agree. The guys tried to ask me, your curator of the Foundation, which confirmed his plane without problems, and ordered him to follow forays toward Syria. Me, as a symbol, there was nothing to do but to shut up, that’s not my decision. The same plane has hit a Syrian anti-tank Jet and the plane managed to land an emergency landing on our territory. All the newspapers were talking about the plane hit by gunfire, and it became a big deal, obviously, that opened a Commission of inquiry to find the culprit. Why not linger as I sent to her, the operations officer testified that didn’t send me the other day when Greece looked dangerous before flight and decided to land.
I protested, but eventually was sentenced to 21 days of wear. It was very frustrating, I felt injustice, “recalled the iconic event follows.

Three weeks before he was released from the temple follows amachbosh. Still frustrated that he may do, called lily to “Samaria”, the IDF’s last before the war. “The operation had to be simple and focused against Qalqilya in retaliation for police murders of Israelis they commit. But after being bombed
The police building, blocking force that gets left behind to a difficult situation, where large Jordanian forces surrounded him. Me sent to be in contact with the ground and aerial reports on the size of the forces, “says thoughtfully,” follows the complicated forces and many soldiers were killed. Rescue forces sent to assist the difficulty to reach the place due to the darkness, and I had to run the air battle, as the only one who saw what was happening.
After my Squadron won the shadow. “
As a young pilot in shbokeai then, weeks before the operation, it is clear to him that the events affected in bachirotav at the moment of truth. “All these events are leading up to the operation they designed Temple
Me. Was a lot of frustration, but also a lot of desire to prove myself, “he recalled.

“The ‘ Hero ‘: a story of Valor follows an operation’s shrine

Air force Jet flies during operation kadesh

“I thought I’d cut his leg to save him.”

“With the opening of operation dropped paratroopers of the monument” raful “by Parker bmithela. The problem was they were going to plummet before switching, and thus prevent the Egyptians
Ability to attack from the mountains. They forgot to take with them small but important thing-code numbers and frequencies. Without them, it is not possible to establish contact with the battalion, so I sent. I remember the day It’s not supposed to be a long flight, but it took almost twice as long because great spirits captured exactly against Greece. In addition, I had no idea where the power is, that Greece dropped not as planned, “the retired pilot Island moments of uncertainty.

“I searched until I found and assumed. I gave the course book, “raful” then came and asked me to fly a soldier who broke his leg in a fall and was confined to a stretcher when the broken leg fixed to his rifle, “he recalled. “The plane was too small to move the planet, so I pulled the back seat of the plane and I disbanded the partition between the tail into the cockpit. At this time began to pass over our heads and Jets Pierre Egypt. Once the plane, anathi just before takeoff, hit an Egyptian shell at right wing and fuel tank. Began to burn and gas spilled, follows the dramatic turning point.

“My first instinct was to turn myself in. I jumped out of the plane and roll on the ground immediately. At the same time, I hear him yelling, and I need to extract it. I tried to pull him from the other side of the plane yet. The second fuel tank was about to explode, but I just didn’t have time to think about it.
At that time started to get on the plane, including a doctor. I was able to pull the wounded only partly because the gun jammed him softened foot. The first thing I thought about is cutting his leg to save him. I ask the doctor knife and already starting to figure out how I do it, and at the same time, the fire burned the tracks that linked the gun to your foot. I managed to get him out and turned his body and burned bodies.

“The ‘ Hero ‘: a story of Valor follows an operation’s shrine

Piper aircraft burn of Lily

This step looks in the eyes of many, is just another part of the story as far as follows, which seeks to highlight the way to the Prime Minister, in order that we might try and understand how arrived
Such a situation and what shaped his career there. After the operation before lengthy rehabilitation follows, and onions on this. He continued to serve in the army as an officer during the six day war and the Yom Kippur war, and to the rank of captain. During the Yom Kippur war he follows a shock is required to find body parts and atisen back from the battlefield. After the shadow war who was awarded the Medal of courage from the Ribbon, then Lieutenant General David Elazar.

Lily worked as a corporate pilot “up” and “and then open balloons company. He is currently struggling to improve the conditions for recognition of the various committees shock dealing it.

“The ‘ Hero ‘: a story of Valor follows an operation’s shrine

Moses follows today, alongside a hot air balloon.

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Translated from Hebrew