“The ‘ Hero ‘: the story of the heroism of Aleksey kolganov second Lebanon war

ד”ר קלגנוב בעת קבלת הצל”ש, צילום מסך.

On the occasion of the holiday of Chanukah IDF website publishes the heroic stories of rare loot systems in Israel. The seventh candle for bravery: Captain Bill Dr. kolganov saved the lives of many warriors under fire of Hezbollah.

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מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל

In early August 2006, during the second Lebanon war, Dr. Aleksey kolganov called reserves. Unlike many reservists must leave
Office work, to get on a uniform and practicing ambushes and assaults, kolganov is
Among the few who keep him subject even in civilian lives and reserve service: Captain Bill Dr. Alexey kolganov works every day as an orthopedic clinic.
In the past, and was also a senior surgeon at the Hillel Yaffe in Hadera. Reserve service
He’s the reserve brigades ‘ vacancy. Although kolganov stresses that would
The task in the same war due to the many exercises, he was surprised by what he saw: “in the early days of the war, all in Israel went as usual, I felt that something special was happening. Only when this war turns out to be serious “.

“The ‘ Hero ‘: the story of the heroism of Aleksey kolganov second Lebanon war

Soldiers from South Lebanon when exiting. “It’s a war turns out to be serious”.

The battalion’s father.

On 5 August, two days after entering the village of aitha kolganov-Shab, called the doctor to help another company than who was. Two company officers took him to a building where soldiers were hit by a shell. One of the soldiers, Ronen Jared, injured critically from the shell and stopped breathing. Places of work includes high alert and requires precision under pressure, but the work in the open, without sterile conditions, sometimes under fire, requires high skills practitioner. Kolganov was required to decide quickly what to do and decided to perform a surgery patient

“I had to do a surface analysis, women. He was in a very difficult situation. Obviously a lot more stressful than normal medical work at the hospital, but another line of work. The goal is to give first aid to keep victims alive and extract them. After treatment by paramedics kolganov with two heads with Jared to the Rambam. “We stayed in touch much later,” he says with a smile, “and his wedding day I walked him down the aisle.

Looks like I’m used to kolganov dad, as a 40-year-old reserve surrounded by young reservists. “Because my paternal feeling towards any young guys in the Regiment, it’s important for me to set an example and to remain calm even in situations of stress,” he explains. The cold wind and the discretion of kolganov proved themselves again during the war.
A few days later, during routine business battalion in sorties into Lebanon, suffered one of the trauma teams, when anti-tank shot. One soldier was killed and two others injured. The medical team rescued the wounded on stretchers to a secure location and started. The place appears less protected from thinking, and staff and wounded another missile. Dr. kolganov was hit by shrapnel, and one of the wounded, who handled Yaniv iinberum, died of his wounds sustained another injury the first time. The light source of the spirit, courage and determination he showed in his actions during the war, was awarded to Captain kolganov Medal of distinguished service.

“The ‘ Hero ‘: the story of the heroism of Aleksey kolganov second Lebanon war

Dr. kolganov when shadow Ribbon, screenshot.

One in a million.

However, it seems that daleth kolganov prides itself in another incident in which he took part, also won him the Medal of distinguished service time or Judea and Samaria. “my Regiment accompanied soldiers of Duvdevan unit, who were looking for. Interpol’s hiding in one double wall in Judea and Samaria, and when they found him, his detention became a battlefield.

In an exchange of fire wounded four soldiers only, kolganov and his team, along with other staff, treat them immediately. One of the soldiers was injured severely after being shot in the mouth, and although the immediate treatment given to him, that was already kolganov no Warrior. “I was sure he already lost, but the boy stays alive,” he says. “We trained staff, and I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I immediately took him to the Hospital where he was treated, the team of specialists. It’s a coincidence, it’s a million-to-one shot-if one little thing goes wrong, if he had been taken to another hospital, if other doctors were treating it could be that he wasn’t with us today “. Kolganov number today that a warrior is unrepentant. “You would repent if this miracle would happen to you?” he laughed.

“The ‘ Hero ‘: the story of the heroism of Aleksey kolganov second Lebanon war

Dr. kolganov, today

“The decision to immigrate to Israel–not something to summarize in three words”

Kolganov is not native. In 1992 was already certified orthopedist,
Then choose to immigrate to Israel. It seems that he did not want to elaborate on the reasons that led him to immigrate to Israel. “This is not something to be summarized in two words,” he says. In 1996 he began work at Hillel Yaffe hospital and was admitted to the military service medical officers course. His military service he sets a very positive experience, and the carmeli Brigade during operations and training throughout the country, whether by Hermon or the Gaza Strip.
“I totally support the IDF activity if they call me reserves during ‘ pillar ‘, I have no doubt that he would have stabilized milled.

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