“The ‘ Hero ‘: the story of the heroism of Dina Ben-Yehuda on Yom Kippur

צילום באדיבות “הגבורה”

On the occasion of the holiday of Chanukah IDF website publishes the heroic stories of rare loot systems in Israel. Fifth candle for Valor: the story of Lieutenant Ben-Yehuda (salts), which opened the hatch to the casualties.

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מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Professor Dina Ben-Yehuda (salts), Lieutenant in the reserve army, felt that there was a big hero. During the Yom Kippur war, a war that threatened multidimensional head-on the future of Israel, the State revoked her responsibility for the detection and treatment monitoring of the wounded, the dead and the missing. Military service has changed and transformed
Routine service for service during the war. After graduating officers course was 14 Division in Sinai, and the war was called the Bureau, Col. Amnon reshef, who ordered her to handle this. In retrospect, she finds out that bmashia paved the way for the establishment of the IDF casualties, raising thousands of meters since that war. “… In these indiscretions revealed State, second lieutenant salts dedication and humane treatment, which contributed to the bereaved families and the injured, “said onions that broadened by Chief of general staff, Mordechai (Motta), in 1976.
With the outbreak of the Yom Kippur war in October 1973, Israel was in a war atmosphere. The threats raise the head on all fronts and armies all borders with tanks, troops and helicopter gunships. The issue of treating casualties, missing spaces and their families is also not yet regulated in rows
The army. “It was something we’ve never encountered before first, should understand the issue.
“This indicates Prof. Ben Yehuda. “Previously was believed that if the parents have not heard anything about the fate of children in hostilities – information about whether it was killed or wounded, he necessarily alive. In war, you quickly find out that there are also missing, unclear status to them, drawing Professor nmalla’s image slowly uncertainty.

This reality, the IDF was forced to deal with her for the first time, allowed her freedom of action. “The issue of missing persons was born out of this situation,” said one of raionothia time.

“I was just 20-year-old girl.”

During the fighting moved second lieutenant country information see Armor Division about the neck and wounded. At the same time, helped the wounded and their families. “No
I took care of them, a total of 20-year-old girl. I couldn’t take care of anybody, “testified Ben Judah humbly and adds that” I did mostly records of everything that happens on the ground. “

“The ‘ Hero ‘: the story of the heroism of Dina Ben-Yehuda on Yom Kippur

After the first truce in war, made the intervention powers, second lieutenant salts
The channel to continue in the role. “Happy send me driver that help me to get around, and you could say it was dangerous. I also incorporate tunnel which violated the ceasefire “, says Ben Yehuda. She worked tirelessly, records every detail to her hands and every piece of information

In addition to her work at the front, the second lieutenant salts and allow the land between bereaved families for families. “I got time stamps donation of hamashbir, so sometimes I stopped to buy a heater for family or stationery to the bereaved.
I wanted to help with practical things, “said Ben-Yehuda. Onion granted her in April 1976, mentioned that with the end of the war continued to treat families proffesionaly spaces of the regiment and assisted in resolving their problems. With its release, volunteered to continue the second lieutenant salts service so you can finish the job.

One of working throughout the country, broke her leg and gave up for handling and contact with families. “H my leg for a month, but I have to keep running, and yet another visit,” said Ben-Yehuda.

With the events of the Yom Kippur war, Necro in the way of second lieutenant salts also have roles that individuals interested in ways of her work and she was introduced. “At one point I was called to the southern command and Central Command Chief also encountered, gorodish champion.
In addition, I met with the officer (women’s force) Col. Amira Dotan, command “,
She remembers. Only the future will prove that this meeting was attended by two pioneering women – one young, groundbreaking צל”שניקית and first ח”ן Officer (קחנ”ר), the first woman to receive the rank of Brigadier General in the Israel Defense Forces.

Another officer who won the shadow during the Yom Kippur war was Captain, Allan used in ח”ן and ogdatit relief officer role. “She was my headquarters when that Division, but when I moved to serve in Armored Division was. Sometimes we saw
Each other while working, she worked mainly with the wounded. You could say we had the old Paragon “, explains with a smile.

“There were so many Heroes around.”

The ceremony commendations, took place two years after withholding overt acts. Begin planning second lieutenant salts to refuse acceptance. “they told me I would like to give special mention to me, my first reaction was that it’s really stupid. There were so many heroes, deserved special mention, but the answer given to me was the shadow represents the importance
That gives the Army casualties, injured, missing and their families “, she explains, and say that the shadow to them.

“The ‘ Hero ‘: the story of the heroism of Dina Ben-Yehuda on Yom Kippur

Country when on receiving the shadow.

At the ceremony the Chief shadow her, thanked her and handed her the medal.
More than 30 years have passed since then, and today understand the professor that her actions were a breakthrough. “So what we have today, the IDF casualties existed and there was no casualty officer. It’s something like I once the war started, it didn’t function exists in the military, describes Ben Judah the bridging the gap and open the hatch to the whole array.

In retrospect, Prof. Dina Ben-Yehuda to oppose the discourse about the Yom Kippur war as. As a young officer who had served under fire, with many of the heroes who saved the country from defeat. “I like to talk about the war in terms of order and default, but this may have been the expression of determination.
And the ability to improvise in the field came to the fore in “, emphasizes Ben Judah. “The soldiers who fought this war, those who remain to this day in life and those who were killed, wounded and taken prisoner – do them injustice, especially to the bereaved families, saying that the war is a war”, adds Ben Yehuda, frankly. She said that the IDF revealed in full
Its glory in war heroes and victories-winning and unequivocally saved this country.

“This war was as much tribute, because we’ve never been in a situation so difficult,” describes Ben Yehuda. In retrospect, the IDF was a lifeboat rescued the State of existential threats. “The IDF saves everything, and without him the State could find itself as a laundress. It didn’t happen because the army was tashthot, which was war everybody was
Heroes. “

Currently, Prof. Ben Yehuda is the Roubaix hospital-Hematology Service Director at Hadassah Ein-Karem in Jerusalem. The registration and treatment of injured and assistance to families, to treat cancer patients. “I decided to be a doctor when I was three, after my brother died of cancer – the same cancer that I got him now,” she says. Three daughters – song, and poetry.
All in, “like everyone else”. Ben Yehuda describes the words of its force. “The song was an officer in the sickle, finished all the tracks as a padawan and pre-med day Her fiance is going to start a company in the infantry role, “she boasts.
The second daughter, was a warrior and the first Cadet Caracal to finish a “Vine” in it 1, and after the officers assigned to sniper officer role “My little girl, all at once, now serve as a Navy intelligence investigator,” she shares.

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