“The ‘ Hero ‘: the story of the heroism of Lieutenant Colonel Syed of operation defensive shield

During the battle in the heart of Ramallah, Lieutenant Colonel Syed then duchifat battalion company, bullet in the neck. That didn’t stop him from continuing and to fight in operation which hit the terrorist

תאריך: 15/12/2012, 21:26    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

When the IDF’s intense fighting during operation defensive shield, have lost their lives, many fighters and contributed some in almost total eradication of
Terrorism in Judea, and basically created the relative stability now prevailing in the area. The training base of the Kfir Brigade soldiers, Lieutenant Colonel Syed then Company Commander in the duchifat battalion, was seriously wounded in the neck during the operation. That injury didn’t bother him in Ramallah town persistent fighting, fighting which won him getting special mention OC
The Center in 2002. In an interview to the IDF website, Meg because “it was clear to me that I come back to serve after three weeks. I knew that even if I don’t make it to buckle your helmet a few months back.

The year is 2002. The IDF went to “defensive shield” to hurt the Palestinian terrorist infrastructure and stop a wave of attacks that build up during the second intifada. The results were effective and damaging terrorist organizations giving its mark to this day.

The incident which led Lt. Cohen for the shadow, occurred in the heart of Ramallah.
“The operation had an encounter with terrorists in the city, a relatively large magnitude”, said Lieutenant Colonel Smith. “In the beginning we had six injured as fire
. In the middle of the event, made a run-in with a close range. All this happened after the wounded Lieutenant Colonel Cohen’s neck. “I got shot in the neck at close range, which came jaw and exited from the hinterland,” he recalled, “while fighting was striving for and steadfastness, which was the main shadow. Many soldiers were wounded in clashes which treated
By commanders in the field, and were evacuated for medical treatment.

Despite his injury, image magic sets in memory is different. “In the middle of the event opened, and evacuation point unfortunately there were many. The picture that I remembered when the great story is the point, which was the company commander that, dressed only in his underwear, while many forces cover, each
Trying to find the sources by us, “he says,” when you’re in this kind of situation, you don’t ask questions. You are working in an instinctive and expressed the training and physical and mental. There is a point where you just have to fight, and you can’t stop, because whoever no curfew continues.

The process position of Lieutenant Colonel Cohen was short. After a week of treatment in the hospital, followed by two weeks at home, living on his feet and returned to his troop. “It was clear to me
That promise. While the company was in good shape and get along well, but I knew I was coming back, and on top of that ‘ crazy ‘, “said. In addition, said Lieutenant Colonel Cohen that “the company was then in a State of is and I knew I couldn’t stay too
Time at home. When he returned to fighting, Lt.-Col. Cohen comments of concern and esteem, and said that the offer made in a very big connection.

Shadow, told the Mag, hired him. “I didn’t think I’d get just distinguished service
They called me and told me I won. The truth is that the situation is embarrassing for? ” However, between Lt.-Col. Cohen the importance of accepting the shadow and says that “these things you expect of us. This is not something natural to get into a situation where I was, but I chose to do.
That’s how we are educated so we educate our warriors strive to touch, rather than away from him. “

Less than a month ago, develop a Kfir its doors for hundreds of new fighters, of November 2011. The Mag noted that it is a new cycle, which often motivated to serve as fighters, which rises from cycle to cycle, and many warriors came to the regiment after they have chosen. But the hard work of the rookies just started, and the very high expectations of them. “I expect everyone to invest heavily in training, don’t waste a moment and prepare themselves for the day, which can catch them at the end of the service, or immediately after the training,” said Lieutenant Colonel Smith. “I expect them to work seriously and every time on every mission, even if securing settlements or physical fitness and outward bound thing.”

Translated from Hebrew