“The hero who?”: a heroic story of Rachel’s independence war

באדיבות אתר “הגבורה”

On the occasion of the holiday of Chanukah IDF website publishes the heroic stories of rare loot systems in Israel. Third candle to Valor: private Rachel out for retaliation as a warrior and Palmach stopped heavy volley fire friends

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מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל

In the evening, enveloped in an atmosphere of war January 19 1948, Alpha company of the 1st Battalion of the Palmach came into reprisal in sfar’am in a House on the outskirts of the evil
Arabic gang, and the class was to kill her. Apparently, the gang members received preliminary information about the place, and as they neared the House, grabbed the heavy volley Department. One of them, private Yair racheli, volunteered to throw a grenade into the House.
From here the story splits into two: the Rachel, which is adhesive, and a story that received the Israel hero Rachel, who would later Homer in the letter.

According to the story I made won the award, Rachel discarded the House stopped the fire completely and so was the withdrawal of the force. Rachel, says of him that the real story is less heroic. “Indeed the House, but soon resumed as if nothing had happened. In the meantime, we have fallback command. Carried or hauled to pzzoaino extraction, “he said later in his first book,” bicycle rider’s burden “.
In an interview given to IDF website explains: “the story is true, but excessive. On the other hand, be careful when declaring it’s not true that Greece could draw all the stories behind the decorations are just stories, and it’s not like that at all.  With me were two other soldiers Medal
From, and I know for a fact that their stories are true. “

“The hero who?”: a heroic story of Rachel’s independence war

Rachel a Palmach fighter

So insignificant was the event in front of Rachel chshkibl, the message for the letter, didn’t know why he received it. “At that time we lived in izrael,” he describes, “suddenly my company commander came and told me I got the Israel hero. I didn’t understand what “. However, Rachel swept in joy and celebration of the grouping, and residents to protest computer receives the signal. “If I were older, I’d say leave me alone,” he says. Besides, my father was there and so glad his son hero of Israel. “

Rachel recalled another story from that battle, he deserves more honorable mention: in the same battle, when his shamachlka was ordered to withdraw the troops hid behind a wall, when suddenly I noticed that one of the members-a soldier named yehoram class. Rachel, along with another soldier, returned to the field, and the fire is still continuing inside the House, pulled out the body of their friend. “That, to me, is a bigger feat,” says Rachel, who remains today the only living a shadow war that led to the founding of Israel.

Duel with a mercenary.

It seems that there’s no shortage of bravery of Rachel. About four months after the incident in sfar’am, when he was commander, he went along with the Regiment in action in Lebanon in order to conquer malkiya. “From sent me and go to the front of the class and suddenly I see that has advanced. So I had nothing, “he recalled
With a smile, “then ran to inform”.

It turned out to be a huge mercenary from the Balkans, who was armed with a gun. “Collision and honey to wrestle. I shouted to my class, and one of them running around. Hit my poor stomach instead. In a moment I find myself lying on the side while both are struggling, and I might even hit the hand and leg, the third guy came and told me to run a paramedic. ”
He describes the unfolding event.

“The hero who?”: a heroic story of Rachel’s independence war

In the shadow of ceremony

As for Rachel came to the hospital in SaFED, and needed medicine that the hospital could not provide them.
“I was between life and death,” he says. Luckily, his father was a pharmacist, couldn’t get the same medicine from the Hospital where he worked, in Tel Aviv. “Fortunately I’ve had,” bye Rachel.

Although he saw many more see war, battles in which he participated
The Palmach, or later, when he was an agent of the unit and the institution, but he doesn’t feel like what you’ve been “hit”. “I have a very good friend who served with me, and he tells him he has said post-traumatic following the war.
I personally don’t feel that happened with me. Telling me I might have post-traumatic and I don’t know, but I feel that it’s already behind. “

After his release from haplm, now became, he recruited the operations unit, and participated in espionage operations in the country and abroad. He then moved to serve in an institution, and since the 1990s has written several books which commemorates life of service in the Palmach and the security services. He is currently engaged in writing memoirs, and lives in Kfar Saba
Together with his wife, Salvation, his Palmach battalion nurse.

“The hero who?”: a heroic story of Rachel’s independence war

Rachel today

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Translated from Hebrew