The HFC 20 years: 20 facts you didn’t know

Why force biretta in orange colored? To which countries in the world to help and some regular troops are subordinate to the HFC? All the details

תאריך: 30/07/2012, 15:15    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

1. close open August 20th birthday celebrations of the HFC. The command, which was established in February 1992 in the face of threats from the Gulf war since grow, expand, and to prove time after time its importance during emergencies.

2. the HFC clear mission: saving lives and strengthening national resilience. In recent years, the officials decided the hostile threaten peace Israel State hurt as much at home, to lower the national morale and put pressure on government officials. The HFC reduces considerably the attempts of impact
At the civilians, and acts as an arm for fast and efficient help in situations of conflict.

3. search and rescue brigades of the home front command regiments are involved and where boys and girls together. Warriors are all the training sequence with fighters, and not tools assons mountain, navigate, dig in the ruins and roll in the mud.

4. the colour of the HFC CAP, Orange, is recognized worldwide as a token search and rescue. Of training and fully equipped emergency command troops in helmets and vests, either of the same color.

5. existing פקע”ר while only 20 years, but already serving could take part in many events: the terrorist bombing in Kenya, the Versailles Wedding Hall disaster, the second Lebanon war, operation cast lead, the relief missions across the globe, and rounds the escalation in the South of the country. Just recently sent a delegation of the HFC and aid victims of bus bombing in Burgas.

6. during the past year has doubled the number of battalions of the home front command, and today there are four regular regiments of sponsored search and rescue.

7. the HFC is used as a listening ear and advises for the citizens, and as such the central command information 24/7.

8. only the HFC dedicated broadcast studio that used during emergencies to transfer guidelines for population.

9. over the years has changed and strengthened the home front command, the strengthened contacts with local authorities and emergency organizations have such measures and protection. In times of emergency it is possible to find the HFC working shoulder to shoulder with, fire and police, provides identical to residents in need.

10. a few months ago opened the first course of the HFC.

11. all the delegations from both military led by the home front command.

12. when missile hits and the home front command responsible for clashes on alert throughout the country, from North to South.

13. the editor command is a single command running troops for search and rescue, and is therefore the main command provides assistance to population during emergencies.

14. the HFC operates State-of-the-art Simulator for simulating search and rescue five major cities in the State of Israel.  Before training the soldiers are sent to large training simulators to prepare themselves to work in the field.

15. search and rescue unit of the home front command, which serve reserve soldiers participated in 18 missions to foreign aid, and provided crucial assistance to victims.
Haiti was “the Israeli hospital founded by the SGC to life for many locals, whose lives were saved thanks to the relatively sophisticated equipment.

16. the HFC prides itself on the amount of the reserve personnel.

17. in 2012 will exercise “point 6”, the national exercise, where citizens come first earthquake scenario. For the actual exercise website
(Http:// and run ads in various media.

18. to train warriors, spoiling the HFC houses slated for demolition, in coordination with the authorities, and use many exercises.

19. the HFC is divided into a total of six provinces and 20 districts.

20. also the HFC has musical representation, and a military band.

Translated from Hebrew