The HFC will “test message” address message alert

The system, which enables mobile warning according to location in real time, in untried front exercise and soon to be declared operational as

תאריך: 01/01/2012, 02:10    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The HFC will today (Sunday), “test message”, which allows a message warning, mobile subscribers, according to the region where they are.

The experiment will take place today in the central region, the shmullch 08:00 practice notices will be sent to the mobile phones of “camp”. The message is “the home front command: mobile alerts system” and any message added REF.

The message you send in Hebrew, Arabic, English and Russian. Also, there may be bleeding for cellphones that are in areas near the camp: Ramla, Lod and Gezer Regional Council. To stop the service, please contact customer service for the appropriate cellular company.

“Personal message” system was first tested in the national exercise “point 5”, which launched the practice messages to several settlements in Israel. Using the system during the exercise was successful, as the shpicod are planning to test the success of the experiment also made today to announce her definitively as operational.

Translated from Hebrew