The high readiness officers

The rise of tens of percentage points in the references to officers of cities since the beginning of operation
“Pillar”. The reserve forces were to various offices, operating 24 hours a day

תאריך: 15/11/2012, 17:39    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

With the beginning of operation “pillar”, even in units of officers understood that reality usually varies. The officers, cities throughout the country in 12 different cities, constitute a focal point that provides an answer to any question or problem which faced the soldiers or their families. Tourist cities officers 24-hour activity, both in normal and emergency.

Current operational reality, created a need to reinforce the activity. “Of course
There is maximum alert, vigilant and prepared for every situation and every call, “explained the officer city of Be’er Sheva, major flame. With the opening of “pillar”, received many phones in Beersheba officer Office. “We received a lot of calls from modiae harmed for example, seeking help when needed,” Maj. Tal.

Residents of Beersheva last dealt with a massive barrage of rockets on the city, when dozens of rockets were fired towards the South of the Gaza Strip. “The mass grave began references especially last night, following a volley of rockets at Beersheba,” said Maj. Tal. In light of the security situation, it was decided to increase the amount of personnel with reservists. “We brought more reservists to benefit individual references, especially at night. No doubt feel an increase in leads, and our goal is to provide maximum appeal, “said Maj. Tal. With this reinforcement, the response becomes faster.

A large part of the leads received at Beer-Sheva city officer were about recruitment or training. “Parents call to ask us if their children need to go to the recruitment and reporting and in recruiting,” Maj. Tal. At the Beersheba city officer indicate that the dozens of references from the beginning of operation “pillar”.

With the events, held in the following days. “Right now we’re on the first day of the operation, anyone can track down his expensive and availability. If available, would be required for quick and maximum for parents require their children safely returned, “Maj. Tal. It should be noted that the personnel Division in the circumstances to cancel the first order reporting for security service candidates were summoned. A new time devoted to security service candidates.

Translated from Hebrew