The himoshnikim of infantry continue to work even after the operation.

עובדים קשה. צילום: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

The maintenance of the Givati Brigade, which took part in operation “pillar”, concluded a regimental competition. Colonel Levi: “the Division conducted 100 percent implementation”

תאריך: 30/12/2012, 14:02    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Since operation “pillar” Givati Brigade was landed, and continued to practice and prepare for another task. As part of the competition was held last week between the special arms regiments and units of the Division, who improved his professional reinforced troops in all fields of armaments.

“Givati for me is a Division in the army infantry, with emphasis on the maintenance,” said the IDF ordnance Chief site of southern command, Colonel dawn Gilad. “Givati excellent people who have proven themselves in operational employment and of course. Operative vision, cloud ‘ ב’עמוד was bouncing off first Division would quickly “, he said. Later in the day the inadequate armament soldiers and said that the day has come to sum up this time, their daily work during operational employment and so proud seeing their abilities. We must not forget
These things are meant to be ready for war. “

Later came the Givati Brigade Commander, Colonel Ofer levy to support the arms and personnel to express his appreciation. “I’m glad for the opportunity to insert your arm between instances
Of the Division, like the cloud in their heads, “said.” people of the armaments were all
Busy, so head over and after this day enhance competency and readiness level. I know how much hard work and maintenance mission and armament. This is my chance.
To show my appreciation for this great “, he said.

The IDF website said that the Brigade Commander operation improved readiness. “The Division is about 100 percent. We have all the time to train and prepare ourselves for the operative task “, explained and the armament Division, saying that” comes t
The armament work hard to feel and understand what special they are doing important and significant. “

Annually conduct ordnance personnel of Givati and today the competition. They are tested in all fields, such as optics, armored vehicles, and Humvees. “The goal is to develop and promote professionalism and quality in cohorts. Bug implanted in tools and examined the professionalism and ability of ordnance personnel to repair them, “explained brigade Ordnance officer, major Rachel levy.

Major levy is exceptional-Army Ordnance officer of the military unit in charge of regular infantry brigade-the other officers are men. A year and a half she ordnance officer of the Givati Brigade, and the other was part of the mochnotam of the troops in operation “pillar”. “Operation ‘ pillar ‘ field of armaments factory. In a very short time we put the Division, with all vehicles, tools, weapons and ammunition, ready to enter. When you see now what that means in reality qualification day, huge investment in a brutal correction ‘ for example, you know how impressive achievement, “said major.

Translated from Hebrew