The home front command Chief: “the verdict the following campaign depends on” immunity

האלוף אייל אייזנברג

“The home front command conducted the war significantly and for a wide range of threats,” said Maj. Gen. Eyal eizenberg, clarifies that “citizens of Israel must understand that the next war are part of a” campaign

תאריך: 24/07/2012, 12:11    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

“The home front command conducted a wide range of threats. Citizens of Israel must understand that the next war are part of a decisive battle and warfare depends on the durability and immunity “— so says Gen. Eyal eizenberg, Commander of the home front command, said in an interview published in the magazine” white hand “.

“The IDF home front command inside, are made for war. In the next war will be one of the centers of the steep trajectory weapons. We’re talking about פאג’רים and missiles that can reach grads from the North and South, “explained the champion.
According to him, despite the fact that our enemies are possessed at any given moment 200,000 covering all missiles Israel territory, this shooting is done thanks to Israel’s deterrent capability.
“Israel is a regional power and cannot overcome it. In attrition, missiles are the main tool for conflict. There are aimed at “nape OC noted.

With respect to preparedness, praised Gen. Eisenberg the “iron dome” system which could prevent mental vulnerability in dealing with recent escalations Israel. With regard to protective kits, said Gen. Eisenberg that “Israel’s Government decided that every citizen be equipped with a shield, and I as a Manager and responsible for the procurement. I budget for production and then divided by Israel mail. – Target is 100%, “he said. He said that according to the scope of the current budget in a few years we get to.

“This year it was decided to focus on preparing the public for the possibility of an earthquake, is a common natural phenomenon and therefore it is very important that every home and family alert, and objects will prepare a family emergency kit. Preparation and proper assessments to earthquake proof once damage had caught and ktinat, specify the command control.

Translated from Hebrew