The hoopoe cares

רוני אפרת

תאריך: 06/11/2009, 18:42    
מחבר: רוני אפרת

Not easy times past Kfir Brigade, was the youngest in the IDF which was established in the 1990s. While its status as a regular Infantry Brigade, encountered a variety of difficulties to it over the years, and media references to some unflattering public ashchiacho the fact that it is a combat Brigade and in-house operational
Every night in depth. Either way, powers and come out tonight (Wed) hoopoe battalion for urban warfare, led by fresh marrow, Col. Oren abman and opposite the beautiful sunrise in the country.

While the Sun threatens to terms on their backs, the soldiers of the battalion to a base to which the base targeted urban warfare that simulates a city. After a journey of 12 kilometres. “Whenever you put you somewhere else, when Battalion soldier hiding behind one of the walls bare, gray and should reach an area with navigation. But this time we’re not much, “he sighed. Gunshots of pills lacking bullet sound, able to cause atachrshot without earplugs. The soldiers take up positions.

On their way to taking control of the destination will be soldiers different stages of the occupation, while be briefed by commanders and battalion commander, Lt. Col. Jose Pinto. Even the Commander of the regiment joined the fighting and observed on the ground from the top of the tower for Android
The mosque, as well as the command he shouted., fixed, divided opinion and instructions on
Each part of the exercise. But the peace of mind that engulfed him with end of the day, was a clear reference to the satisfaction of the editors which led, and a new dawn.

Hoopoe regiment was established as a unit, which aims to specialize in fighting against tanks. With the outbreak of the first intifada moved soldiers to engage in ongoing security and under the Brigade, while dominating cut. The Division as a whole performs the most arrests in Judea and Samaria, as weak on counterterrorism Empire in these areas. Practice urban warfare takes place every few months at
Battalion, which simulate the activities of.

At dawn I joined one of the platoons to seize territory. “Othecltam!” shouts the Division Commander, and shelter in concrete room that simulates home.
The enemies played the Battalion soldiers, who wear colorful film on forehead with a caption in Arabic as a disguise. While running in the biggest game of hide and seek, explained, a battalion, a regiment with great potential. “This Club a lot of Division, is in the middle of the ongoing security of all sectors in the country,” he explains, “but because is relatively new, not enough people are aware of the tremendous capabilities to.

סג”מ Shai Hershkowitz is responsible for treating the wounded. “They were hit by sniper fire, share
He collaborated with, “took bullets in the leg and stomach. Also sharing a room, hiding from the fighting but who sit in the middle of the space, for clear fast and receive immediate assistance. The injured, of course, perfectly healthy and happy with a short rest given to them at random. 129 the Mag seem remote when he gets up and moves, of all people, for better visibility. The Brigade also joined the onslaught, and wonderful mood.

About 20 people walk hither and thither, alongside the maps depend on improvisation and ready to tear and another building is abandoned. Contact officer km2 and conducting evaluation for further action, while others pass on messages and conduct observations. The magic command direct entrance to the casbah. Combine the rural occupation ended successfully. “Looking for an enemy, to prepare the ground to inform troops!”, resents more do officers working in March to transfer the messages to the troops in the field. In a few moments will pass the cold, warm sun shine sky space thus comes to an end exercise. “I don’t know what
With you, “Col. Pinto,” reader enjoys. “I’m bored, Meg!”, replied one
The officers in a wink and call Refresh. The happy happy from the instructions.

Satisfied and in countenance, rising to Colonel abman lookout tower overlooking the entire exercise. Breaking through walls “forces” in precise coordination with the Sun coming up almost to the middle of the sky, and thus strengthens the capacity of punctuality of the regiment. Shooting the balls provide a Throating provide encourages birdsong announcing in the morning, while the shells.
Falling on the empty sand heated like a pillow. Havoc tired exercise ends, but a quick fix abman: “nothing is over, this is just the beginning.”

Translated from Hebrew