The icing on the cake: the best candidate to an elite IDF unit

צילום: יהודה גרוס, דובר צה”ל

Cadet Wed gone from Ethiopia and fought to serve in the IDF as a warrior. The voyage was a success, and recently completed his officer training course: “the goal is to do the best.”

תאריך: 09/08/2013, 16:07    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

From a small village in Africa to extend the orders: cadet, a Duvdevan unit, spent his childhood as a shepherd, unlike other cadets at 1. As 1 in 17 with literacy only, is fighting to get a g.e.d., and wouldn’t stop fighting even in military service — a service when he asked Duvdevan unit. At the same time, the great dream of a fourth candidate was out Commission, and he was able to complete now that went into OCs when four months before its release date. IDF site is conversation on the way to realizing the dream, on the difficulties and Zoey and satisfaction.

The Army cadet movement discovered $ me “. He studied Hebrew in the Studio which came from representatives and offered him to join the training. “I started to improve the language.
And to connect people, not necessarily to practice to recruit, “he recalled. “I really enjoyed.
We went to travel and strongly to it, it made me really want to join, “he added.

The icing on the cake: the best candidate to an elite IDF unit

The fourth major candidate rejected in order to graduate. Within two years, carrying her diploma dreamed three years after aliyah – he enlisted. He was assigned for chassis company protested, to reach new immigrants to undergo a process of preparing the army and recruit training. “I was happy (oak) for three weeks,” he said. ”
I knew I wanted to be asked to come out fighting for paratroopers and after I moved it.
I came to the base regimental training. I really wanted to go for a cherry, and at first wouldn’t let me, “he explained that” the restriction insisted they’d let me try, and after fighting was allowed to leave. So I was glad to make the formulation and pass it successfully.

D. apply the duty of Duvdevan unit. Soon he went to medics, who graduated. “I learnt a lot, especially how to handle injuries of my friends. I really liked it, “he said.

When stzoar get motivated met head of personnel

Upon completion of this course he returned to come, advanced training and served as a fighter. In view of the exceptional functioning operational unit’s medic, awarded for distinguished service “at רמטכ”ל huts lately. “It’s my job and that’s why I joined, so I felt I made a heroic,” he admitted. “I’m glad you think I deserve it, very excited at the same time. Chief of staff asked me how I explain that I am seven years ago and became a warrior, scored and saved a member of operational activity, “revealed Cadet. “I told him that everyone is a Messenger, and I was sent to do anything in particular”. 
In addition, fourth class Cadet of workout guides and him graduated.

At this point, felt the only candidate d miss about one thing – a dream
The Commission has not yet materialized. “In recruiting, they asked me where I wanted everything to go, I said I wanted to be an officer”, reconstructed with a smile, adding that “I love this country and feel like I have to contribute. As an officer I have room for influence and the Ethiopian society as a whole, it’s important to me personally. “

After the Commission not
Was made for various reasons, four months before the liberation dream seemed iaopsen and stays behind, but he continued to fight for it. “Invited to the Conference by
אכ”א head, talking with soldiers protested Alon,” he said. “They asked me some questions, and finally head of אכ”א asked me about my path in the military, “said Cadet. The champion
In love said he liked the navigation, which shows every time another part of the country.
And the Earth through the legs. What I learnt.

During the conversation asked if he had any head אכ”א not fulfilling dream. “I answered her neighbor –” Officer cadet said Wednesday. According to him, the champion of love expressed interest. “She mentioned that I released another four months, but I explained that I don’t care,
I still want to go to OCs and if possible I won’t think twice “, recalls

A love promised to look into the issue, and the next day the phone rang, as Cadet flown by his company on the line. “He told me to go to the best on Sunday,” recalled leadership tests. “When they told me I couldn’t believe tests and even cried with excitement. I realized that I now have a job and I have to fulfill, “he concluded.

“If we can achieve that dream –”

Not only is the fourth Cadet class, he stood on it.
During this course, he broke the record 1 in 10 km, almost broke the bar run light and became a regimental officers course masterpiece.

It appears that the distinction continues to accompany him, but each station for the distinction less important.
“The goal is to do the best I can to connect with people and be a man,” he explained. “If you have willpower, you can contribute to the country. No, there is no want. I always tell my brothers and friends – if you’d like you can accomplish anything, “said and interpret the motto leading through military service.

The ceremony in which 1 reached the family thrilled and proud to wear the shirts “from remote village to extend the orders.” Thus, seven years after he immigrated to Israel and nearly three years after the draft, the fourth candidate to fulfill the dream and stand there. “It’s important for me to know that I love the country. I’m 42 and I chose to be an officer to serve in the military for more than four years, “he said. “If we can achieve that dream, and if you don’t give up you can reach everything.”


Translated from Hebrew