The ICT plan establishing military-independent cellular network

תא”ל איילה חכים. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Hotpot module command teleprocessing, Brig. Gen. Ayala Hakim, referred to their own technological challenges facing the Department in preparation for next year. “Operational requirement to advanced technology to succeed”,

תאריך: 08/02/2013, 11:50    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

“ICT is everywhere and anytime – based network and who not in the network does not exist,” said yesterday (Thursday) to unit headquarters beside of teleprocessing, Brig. Gen. Ayala Hakim, ICT challenges “Conference in 2013. Brig. Gen. Hakim in tkshovis them about challenges IDF characteristics of the current era, allowing to computer service Directorate to design technological realities, but also requires them to keep up with rapid changes.
And develop the operational structure in addition to understanding the technology.

“ICT professionals can’t be just” define general technological waiting, “they need to be and technological operational structure owners, and the ability to translate and to switch between the two. We encourage the operational factors to be the leading part and the development process, which requires us to be to have an operational structure.

Brig. Gen. Hakim referred to a number of challenges that face the next cut teleprocessing, relating to areas of the network, information systems, information and infrastructure. She said that tactical connectivity will work in the Center Crown. “We have invested a great deal in the current cut of strategic connectivity, namely General and command,” said Brigadier General Hakim, “today we are working and connectivity between the tools and tactical level and forces the connection between strategic level will be our Action Center at the Pentagon if not
In the next decade.

Among the challenges in the network domain is the increase in users, standards which require work like interface. “The Pentagon close we’re going to develop the project” gold ring “, which is expanding military movie,” Brig. Gen. Hakim, also unveiled a new IP telephony network forming the army tactical network. In addition, should ensure that the IDF also the younger generation. Download “mountain” is already in the end technology, and needs to find her replacement is without prejudice to the IDF’s operational – so start mobile military project as an alternative.

Another issue relates to Brig. Gen. Hakim is to wipe. In the coming years many army units moved to the Negev, including also the wing’s units & intelligence.
As part of the preparations for the transition is currently underground farm in the area to receive
The units are. “Whip and horizon units exceed the Beersheba central bus station,” said Brigadier General Hakim, we exploit the transition to change and systems architecture —
This is an opportunity to do a home test to create a better future. “

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