The ICT revolution in southern command – finishes the job

After 23 years and dozens of operational projects, Col. Moti
Shushan the role as Commander and electronics in southern command. Col. Shoshan: “emerging threats require more attention.”

תאריך: 22/12/2011, 10:35    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Southern command headquarters in Beersheva was appointed yesterday (Wednesday) Colonel Amos harush and Commander command electronics. Col. harush replaced the role of Col. Moti
Shushan. The ceremony took place in the presence of Commander Southern command, Aluf Tal Russo, head of ICT, Gen. Uzi moskovich, command and staff forum.

Col. Shushan served in 23 years. During past computing array southern command changes. One of the latest projects lead wind project
South, allowing any company level control, to the observations in Lebanon – so that he can have comparative advantage in decision-making.

“The risks and emerging threats require more attention and demand tkshovis solutions. We mapped out the General requirements and unique solutions that enable assumed commanders operational closures across the area in which they operate, “said Col. Shushan. He added
Col. Shoshan, “southern command is the House I grew up in ranks to the rank of Colonel סג”מ, won the 91st Division computing operation cast lead, youngster as Commander. “

Southern Command Chief, Gen. Tal Russo, thanks to Lily for the many challenges in the field of tcshovi, cast מ”עופרת via escalations in the Gaza Strip to the western border changes, and every mission status. Al harosh
Said Gen. Rosso that is “assured that can lead this special division facing the challenges and the challenges of command.”

Col. harush confessed to Russo on his election and said that “I will do anything to keep faith in the system”.

Translated from Hebrew