The IDF acted with restraint to prevent unruly transition to Israel

הרמטכ”ל בסיור, היום. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The IDF responded with measures against throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at four centers. The events passed relatively quietly and without casualties

תאריך: 30/03/2012, 15:00    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט ומערכת אתר צה”ל

Hundreds of unruly gathered at four major centers and throwing stones, burning tires and Molotov cocktails were thrown at IDF troops who responded to them in measures
Demonstrations. No IDF casualties, the events in the sectors. There are no casualties.

Benny Gantz, Chief of general staff, today (Friday) within the central command and Northern command, with commanders on the ground, and the strength to continue saving
The alertness and preparedness to describe.

The IDF acted with restraint to prevent unruly transition to Israel

The Central Command conducted beforehand planned order violations today. Brig. Gen. Haggai Mordechai, or Judea and Samaria, noted that in the field of police work, the IDF and the civil administration. “We prepared to describe to them the events consequent on September, used us as significant information infrastructure. This knowledge was passed on to troops in the field, after operational planning and engagement made last week “, said Brig. Gen. Mordecai.

According to Mao, was extensive preparations knowing that breaches the order might affect the sector in the next few days. ” Disruptions were in command in the main locations: Qalandiya, on, ytonia, kever and me to Jerusalem. Also the usual disturbances were widely forces.

According to the decision of the Minister of Defense, Mr. Ehud Barak and the IDF assessment, from the last general closure on Judea and Samaria. Removing the closure will be tomorrow at 11:59 pm
According to the assessment.
During the closure, more than only in humanitarian cases, and exceptions, all subject to the approval of the civil administration.

Translated from Hebrew