The IDF also summarize elections: 80 percent of the vote among the troops.

681 polls the IDF stationed across the country arrived at the Central Election Committee, praising the election headquarters of military action: “the shells were unprecedented precision.”

תאריך: 23/01/2013, 17:21    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

IDF election headquarters agreement also election day, 2013 with a vote percentage is encouraging. The voting figures closed units and troops standing at 75%, while newer units registered as 64 to 69 percent. “At the moment we estimated 80 percent of the vote, with 10%-12% voted in civilian polling stations because they serve in rear positions, told IDF website Vice Chairman election headquarters, Army Lieutenant Colonel Alon Salomon.

681 polls placed for use in elections held yesterday came to the synagogue in Jerusalem and were transferred to the Central Election Commission headed by Justice Elyakim Rubinstein. The first cards ‘ Judea and Samaria arrived on the morning of election day, which is the base area and the shizafon came at 5:00 this morning, “Lieutenant Colonel Salomon. At the end of the week in review was a phenomenon of double votes in the election, in which case the world as these are transferred for treatment.

Meanwhile, the initial amounts relating to the election headquarters military activity is highly functioning. The protocols of the polls had been conducted impeccably and unseen levels of accuracy, the Central Election Commission praised the election headquarters military function “, said Lt.
Chairman of the election headquarters.

Throughout election day, data were exchanged and updates from the field between the Election Commission senior military Chief of general staff of the IDF, Benny Gantz, along with אכ”א head, Maj. Gen. Ali love, receive updates and reports regularly. אכ”א head down, Brigadier General Moshe alush, updated throughout the day.

The voter turnout at the polls was military about 69%, which is an increase of 11% in votes in polls throughout the realized. “in absolute values, grew up in -18,860, in polls and averaging the vote in the polls stands at 197 people per polling station, compared to -184 the previous elections,” said Lieutenant Colonel Salomon.

After an intense day of timely and ongoing management activities, the IDF can breathe a sigh of relief. “The day went off without a hitch, the exact protocols that championed by the Central Election Commission and we are very pleased,” said Lt.-Col.
Alon Salomon.

Translated from Hebrew