The IDF and Palestinian rescue forces cooperated in floods in the Valley.

The fires that swept the Jordan Valley last week, brought the IDF engineering forces with Palestinian rescue forces, who managed to extract an Israeli school bus and Palestinian civilian vehicles.

תאריך: 02/10/2011, 10:45    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

Shooter that swept the country last week brought many marine and several floods, especially in odd areas. However, he grows a unique cooperation between IDF forces and shutdown.

Last week Jordan River Valley would cost banks due to rains and heavy erosion caused flood that lacks major intersections in the area, including the Hamra junction. Given the erosion in the mud and rocks Palestinian vegetable truck and bus to transport students. Of engineering forces.
The חטמ”ר Valley, shutting Palestinian and Israeli rescue and police forces of the SJ district to assist in extracting okapzzo.

“Blades (603) battalion of combat engineering sector line catcher we report drift that blocks traffic routes and dropping a divisional engineer troops were close to the epicenter, told IDF site engineering officer of the Valley Division, Maj. Mickey Goldstein,” the engineering power that reached state value, and the specific evacuation of drift “.

Divisional engineering foreman who worked with the great powers, רס”ל, told the website
The IDF spokesperson stated that, when we have seen worsening erosion junction of pebbles, rocks and mud, and a truck and a bus stuck in it. At the same time getting traffic on both sides of the road. Residents of
Even worse they backhoe clearing and settlement the Palestinian truck, while the IDF force with a corner shot (heavy equipment) was brought in to do the mass stones and mud and road traffic. Meanwhile, the rest of the okapzzo forces, the Palestinian hozaka fire by the civil administration, as is customary.

“We had industry cooperation with Palestinian and Israeli fire, trying to extract the
Vehicles with winch “, רס”ל, “everyone helped each other and extracted all the vehicles and the road was opened to traffic. All in all we all reach the same goal: to help
For those who need it. “

Divisional Engineering Officer, Maj. Goldstein, explained that “between rescue forces and Palestinian law enforcement cooperation, and as Palestinians involved in an event, whose forces also summoned.” He said, “cooperation in accidents that occur periodically at Highway 90. The last collaboration between the forces was held two months ago in a car accident in the area.

Translated from Hebrew