The IDF blew up ancient weapons in dead sea

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Discarded weaponry to the dead sea by various military groups exposed due
Receding sea. Central Command destroyed the reservoirs to avoid using tools on

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מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Hundreds of weapons, some from before the founding of the State, including פצמ”רים, chargers and Stan and M1 rifles, shooting guard revealed last week in the Northern Sea. The Amal blow by forces of the central command, to prevent hostile entities forming part of the weapon. Meanwhile, in charge of the evacuation work agreements the mine fields in the Jordan Valley and points to 3,000 mines which were evacuated in the last activity only. It should be emphasized that there are no mines in places open to the public
, And Hamel who blew is also in an area closed to the public due to sensitivity.

As mentioned last week conducted a controlled explosion of Hamel found in the North Sea.
Defensive רמ”ד in command, Maj. dawn Heller, who was responsible for the incident, told IDF website that this is the third time in recent years that carried out such activity.
During these activities the hundreds detected items.

Major Heller explained that Hummel was exposed with natural changes, including withdrawal of sea and land, and the area is a minefield. “We found in many items, including artillery, mortar grenades, IEDs, mines and walkie-talkies, compasses and weapon. The trend is to blow the Amal so as not jeopardize human life. “

The IDF blew up ancient weapons in dead sea

The explosion at the dead sea. Photo: דו”ץ

The assumption, according to Maj. Heller, is the source of various periods. There is a case of bombs as November’s manufacturing date says 60, and probably originated in Jordanian force which during the six day war threw the case into the water. Additional findings also reveal that the weapons of the British army during the British mandate had been thrown somewhere, plus weapons of various armies, and organizations, such as the M1 carbine and Stan which were used during World War II.

The force which carried out controlled blast was a reserve company of יהל”ם unit, which specialized in bomb disposal. Major Haller said that last week destroyed hundreds of items which have been found at several sites, and said that “we cleaned the surface of the items which were, and we are preparing for another explosion in the coming year. There is a significant challenge. Unlike clearing a minefield, when about ordered list of old mines, Greece we assumed these, evacuation of this type has no way of knowing how many weapons.
We depend on nature, and thus increase the frequency of cleaning. Major noted that this is the only site in the country where there are weapons which were thrown over many years, adding that “Hamel isn’t a dangerous place, so the goal is to prevent items from getting into the hands of hostile. In the past, stolen from and taken to manufacture explosives, as well as to prevent unsuspecting travelers experience the weapons, although the likelihood that those means are very faint when Greece found dead in a long time. “

The Navy officer said in a conversation with the IDF site that aura (a chemical SWAT team) taking part in the explosion of weapons are found at sea, and in the field going on every few years at the dead sea.

The IDF blew up ancient weapons in dead sea

At the same time, central command agreed this year on the issue of clearing mine field
In the Jordan Valley. Senior ב”עוצבת” steel said during the evacuation, of the school of military engineering in collaboration with the engineering company of the reconnaissance battalion rests,
Raise this year only 3,000 mines throughout the Valley, and evacuated approximately -3400 acres of land which have been returned to nature and agricultural activities for the benefit of residents of the Jordan Valley. Meanwhile, cut remaining as landmine°, which is in charge of planning to evacuate them in the coming year. Note that container the amount of mines that were taken this year is rise than last year, and the year was fruitful in clearing mines.

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