The IDF fight fire: set priorities focused on the field of fire safety

During a median of last year broke 132 fires bases and 23 soldiers. 20% reduction in fires caused by carelessness, that thanks to the training and education

תאריך: 19/08/2012, 12:59    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

In the first half of 2012, the IDF fire events that took place in the various units and produced for the process of learning lessons and conclusions. According to official statistics, during which 132 fires broke out Sunday in IDF units, which injured 23 soldiers.

After analyzing the data and patterns, found that 32 percent of the fires occurred in fire, ranges or in areas where there is an herbarium, compared to 44% in 2011. In addition, 40 percent of the fires occurred in the central command and Northern command, having started in 2011 in about 60% of all fires. In recent years, about 20% of the IDF fires occurred in May.

During audits of the safety factors and other factors, also tested causes fires. 32% of the fires were in the median that negligence of commanders and soldiers, which is a decline of 19 percent from last year. The total amount of fires is rising sharply. In 2010, 260 fires were recorded in the IDF, median areas of 2011 recorded 142 fires, and – the current median registered
Only 132 of them.

Meanwhile, the IDF continued to fire safety in the various units using various tools, including risk management and early treatment to prevent brush fires, firefighting equipment and placing signage, safety training, theory and conferences. Moreover, there are also fire drills, and inspections.

As a result of producing lessons, in the emphasis focused on the field of fire safety.
The first is determining fire lines around a single devices and keep them free of flammable substances.
The other is the proper preparation before leaving for training in living, including risk assessment
Mtchonant activity. Reporting adverse events should be passed to the command and safety factors, fire safety officer in command and fire safety in Mr. stick (Chief Technology Officer and Chief Logistics). At the same time, the emphasis on saving and firefighting equipment to allow availability event, while increasing awareness of the fire safety issue and preventing.

Translated from Hebrew