The IDF foiled rocket fire from Gaza into Israel territory

Israeli aircraft attacked a terrorist cell that was formed to perform steep trajectory gunfire to Israel territory. The terrorist organization Hamas is the address — and your warranty

תאריך: 07/04/2012, 21:24    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

List of aircraft of the Israeli air force attacked tonight (Saturday) terrorist cell which was preparing to execute a steep trajectory fire toward Israel territory.

The IDF did not suffer any harm to citizens of the State of Israel and will act against anyone who is against terrorism of the State of Israel. Hamas is a terrorist organization and address.

The ceremony honors the Chief Officer held last Thursday, the Chief Lieutenant General Benny Gantz said that “Whoever tries his strength from close or from afar, from Gaza, or Chinese, or any
Elsewhere, finds himself facing a powerful and sophisticated military, to protect Israel and defeat enemies.

He also said Lieutenant General Gantz planners and perpetrators of attacks against Jewish targets around the world, including the attack in Toulouse, France, under the watchful eye of the IDF. “we know the origin of the attacks. The Federation and the hatred and terrorist attacks to know that whether in Gaza, in Lebanon or elsewhere, the arm
Israel has obtained eventually all those who seeking to harm citizens of Israel and the Jewish people “,
Chief stressed.

Translated from Hebrew