The IDF force foiled stabbing at a checkpoint in Hebron

The force prevented Palestinian girl without stabbing one of the soldiers manning the checkpoint, “the policeman” in Hebron, using knife held. He later transferred to Palestinian security forces investigation

תאריך: 07/12/2011, 11:38    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

(Iv) a short time ago, prevented a Palestinian girl IDF to stab one of the soldiers manning the checkpoint, “officer”, with a 14 cm knife, holding. No casualties and no damage. The knife was confiscated
PA to continue investigations in Hebron of the SJ district police.

A preliminary investigation revealed that the Palestinian girl sex 17 suspected of IDF paratroopers force, beginning with her on this point. She is over, and when asked by the soldiers what action, she replied that she was waiting for someone.

Shortly thereafter she began to approach the soldiers, squad leader stationed instead noticed that she pulls a knife and tried to stab him at a distance of one meter. The blast from her kicking and big knife has fallen. She disarmed and transferred to the security forces. At this point it is unclear whether she has acted as a lone bomber or initiated infrastructure.

“The soldiers acted perfectly informed the situation-and they were not with an itchy trigger finger,” said Cmdr. site IDF operational battalion 890 that soldiers took part in the event, Captain aviad schneiderman. “The event indicates readiness and seriousness that is saved at the end of either warriors, not always understanding should use fire,” he explained.

Operational company explained that “the checkpoint officer is between H1 to H2 (the axis between the part is complete Palestinian control in Hebron, and where concentrated the Jewish settlement and the Palestinian minority), and friction between IDF troops and the Palestinian population is very high. Therefore, we need the maximum alertness. ” He said most
The Palestinians reaching checkpoints and roadblocks with knives and other weapons come usually in order to get caught, and thus to improve their living conditions. This case is different, since
The girl arrived in order to harm the soldiers stationed at the site.

Translated from Hebrew