The IDF formulated a plan for the next few years.

דובר צה”ל

At the end of a long and in-depth process culminated in the Joint Chiefs ‘ ב”סדנה held two weeks ago, the row of resolutions that make up the multicultural program
“Israel” and to enter into effect as of January close • changes: increasing training, military attach of the F-35 aircraft and surface ships, and developing new multifunctional systems for early detection and interception of missiles

תאריך: 03/09/2007, 15:02    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Chief of general staff, General Gabi Ashkenazi, said yesterday (Monday) in front of the staff of the IDF Rabbi program annual plan “Israeli”.
“The program will strengthen the power of the IDF and its suitability to deal with security challenges
Facing the country in the near future, “said Pentagon chief and added:” this plan is a view of the renewal and improvement of building quality advantage, but pledged at the same time streamlining plan in General and security system in Israel. The program has reviewed the possible threats and twists in the area, to prepare and present advance is torturing these future challenges island.

As part of the changes will be implemented in the work plan, according to the Chief, hasten the training to reinforce the regular army and reserves, as well as large-scale ammunition acquisition. “Improving our readiness, with an emphasis on improving training and fighting,” said Deputy Chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Moshe Kaplinsky on the program, in a briefing for reporters on Monday. The Mainland substantially reinforced, the OC, to achieve a speedy decision on the battlefield – through improved land maneuver and manipulation ability. Meanwhile, last production Merkava Mark 4 “tanks”, along with the improvements the tanks in existing forces – with an emphasis on active protection. Addition
For Lieutenant General Ashkenazi, confirmed their נגמש”ים of heavy Merkava tanks ‘ platform (” נמ”ר”).

Air forces and also new equipment education among other aircraft type by IDF (F-35 (JSF, extending and reinforcing the pilot tool staffed (n).
The Navy is expected to obtain new multifunctional space ships Further decided that, as part of
The defense against missiles and rockets, the army icetid early detection systems and missile interception. “This plan addresses many aspects: strengthening the aerospace arm to ensure the long arm of the State of Israel and preserving air superiority, and improving engineering advantage and control at sea: strengthening of advanced technological components to enhance the protection, especially against steep trajectory rocket threat, including the short term threat rockets Qassam rockets,” said major general Kaplinsky.

Another stated that the Chief investment in the ICT sector intelligence and grow – will escalate the intensity of the IDF and its operational effectiveness. The program, it should be noted, dealing with
The expected decrease in quantity and troops needed to preserve the quality of the personnel serving in the Israel Defense Forces in this context, the Chief of staff to put a priority on handling military personnel, including the value in tgmolo. “The source of power.
The IDF is in our people, “said Deputy Chief commenting on the issue. “The program provides to improve handling, personnel contacts, and especially members of our reserve, we have so many. The program is set to factor constant practice of
Reserves according to fixed criteria approved in advance and go throughout the program.
The program, he added, “when you build a powerful army, IDF and prepared much better trained army, kosher, with maneuverability and fire improved intelligence that allow us the ability to better match against any threat to him will have to deal with,” concluded the OC.

“Israeli” as required to the political Echelon and will take effect from January 2008.

Translated from Hebrew