“The IDF has given me the opportunity to learn and integrate into the labour market”

חייל במסלול שח”ר כחול. צילום אילוסטרציה: חיל האוויר

Soldiers from the blue route “r” that integrate the technical formation in the air force, the opportunity has indicated. “There are also anxious that contribute and help maintain security.
The country “, says Sergeant Levi

תאריך: 14/06/2012, 16:32    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

A delegation of 30 representatives from Keren Hayesod “Australia arrived yesterday.
(Iv) to Ramat David, and in-depth dialogue held with a track “blue report” about raising the country’s ultra-Orthodox Jews and military service.

“Keren Hayesod” special appeal to Israel, is the primary fundraising organization for the country. The delegation, which for some of them it was the first time in Israel,
Visit the ב”טייסת Valley” which serve as soldiers, heard twice on the squadron air force activities in the airspace in the past and the present, and a detailed explanation on that from the squadron.

“This is the fourth time I. Whenever I visited this base, and this delegation visited tze’elim, also told Jerry Adler, a member of the delegation. Adler added that “no bases visits related to the work in which we are engaged, but coming from a place of meeting and see the IDF soldier, 23-year-old flying f-16 fighters that simulates urban combat. There are such that it’s their first time in Israel, and I’m sure it gives them.
Another perspective on life here.

After the acquaintance with the Corps and squadron members met with three men project
One is a report symbol avihu levy, aged 25, married with two children, who arrived in Israel two years ago from Brooklyn to enlist. Sgt. Levi said that the original release date was yesterday, and today signed to another year: “a lot of people in this country see us as such just sit and study Torah. I personally got to the point where I have to work and support myself and the IDF gives me the opportunity to do so.

As mentioned above, the report “project blue” is a project to integrate ultra-Orthodox soldiers in the army, back when the first team went to the air force, the technical service of the Corps. The project promised to soldiers who shoot with a long military bases
Synagogue and Torah daily rate, plus give it emphasis on vocational training that enables living in the area after the service. “We have a unique opportunity in which after we we could go to the market and get jobs in high-tech and computers. This concept slowly rising to consciousness and therefore raising “, said Sergeant.

“My family understands me, and before I got the draft’s approval to support me today. I realized I must do what you must, and I try to encourage my friends to join me and show that there are Orthodox not only learn Torah all day, but donors and help to maintain the security of the country, said Sgt. Levi, adding that “Greece has special privileges that other soldiers, sometimes I come across in a negative response, but it is a minority. Most people I met during the service really appreciate and understand it’s not trivial to see a man with a wig and beard. “

Translated from Hebrew