The IDF has produced a feature film dealing with the threat of kidnapping.

חטמ”ר Ephraim and the Unit produced the film distributed to soldiers and settlers, in favour of clarifying the risks of kidnapping and ways of dealing with the threat.

תאריך: 29/11/2012, 16:30    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

The IDF continues to face the challenge of abduction: Ephraim, חטמ”ר
With the Shomron Regional Council, recently produced movie upon which aims to clarify the risks of kidnapping and coping with the threat, which will be published in the near future.

The film was the idea of selling hatm officials Regional Council.
Managers of the division officer, Maj. Shimon shitreet, who worked closely with the training center during the Lockdown, wunderkind, said “we are daily security cooperation is full, so the idea behind the movie up on both sides, ultimately Greece in the area are our target audience for all threats
Especially the kidnapping threat growing. “

“We thought we’d find a way to turn civilian channel with our intention. The novelty in this particular film is the emphasis on combating the phenomenon or ignored, “explained Maj. Shitrit. That means the movies so far produced against the phenomenon of kidnapping the message was clear – abductions menace and must be avoided. The Division and the Council understood that despite this phenomenon continues and that they must find a way to get the message across.
“We worked on the assumption that we cannot force residents to not go on rides, so we wanted to convey the message of wisdom and create fertile ground for the youth. We movie
The risk ו”הפחדנו.” on the one hand, and on the other side gave true tools to get in, “he added.

The film is not informative feature film, which was produced in collaboration with the unit (instruction through technology-Yun) of GoC army headquarters. The unit has provided the professional side of the film, while the Council provided hatm the guidance required, produced a movie that starred the text appears makes knowingwhat and how to handle the threat of kidnapping. The film is the British style “sliding doors,” in which two different storylines are displayed and correspond in the life of the main character, mtalbtt between ride ride
Or by public transportation.

“The vision is that every activity of the youth movements, each and every Center spread, as distributed to many that the message reaches farther. If we can get one person’s abduction prevention, we already did, “noted major implication officer Sheetrit added that” the IDF responsible for residents ‘ lives and this is one of the tools to save lives. If when a stone or a petrol we don’t ignore, and arrests.
At night, in order to thwart the threat, kidnapping is a threat to everything we have to deal with him too.

Translated from Hebrew