“The IDF in 2012 is based on determination of warfare.”

The first “Cyber shield” of the signal Corps and integrated ICT already this week the IDF arms target: 3 training sessions per year.

תאריך: 29/04/2012, 10:39    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

This week the first cycle course “Cyber shield” of the signal Corps.
And ICT. After months of intensive study trained soldiers for cyber protection in computer space, evolving technological reality. The course will be integrated into the various arms-air force, Navy and Intelligence Department and ICT.

“The IDF is an army of 2012 is based on determination of warfare,” said Commander bahad 7
(C4I Corps), Colonel Mickey buskila. “We have to meet significant challenges
And the Peru-active thinking, “added coverage for important fighter and cyber protection.

The educated class capable animals, soldiers who have been tracking individual process which relies on special tests. As part of cyber role requirements serve on permanent service, in order to preserve the quality and experience that will accumulate in the Cyber dimension. According to the commanders and officers who accompanied the course, the students were of high quality, with high level and motivation so that undoubtedly contribute to IDF and help him reach others. The second cycle is expected to open as early as the next few months and the trend is growing to three cycles per year.

“Today’s technology and the network operative functioning of the IDF, and national. The risks of system sizes and cost necessary to produce dimension protection
Another. Developing Cyber shield “, explained to the IDF Headquarters site School of computer science,
Lieutenant Colonel Ali ttersky. “This is just the beginning – we plan to build the training and further training in cyber protection.

Meanwhile, the efforts and resources invested in many crashes, such as new infrastructure and personnel at the officers. The course went with Defense Chief in Sabre, and opens
Special Victims Unit at the school of computer science mainly cyberspace. Various bodies and organizations helped too, and came from a variety of places that allowed apprentice course cyber warfare to be updated.

In addition, there is interest from other security agencies to participate in a course that will ishthell. This one-of-a-kind course, military and civic renewal. Therefore, the IDF is considered groundbreaking in the field and other interested bodies to integrate and refine their Cyber capabilities.

Translated from Hebrew