The IDF operational competency: the paratroopers and Glenn

Sprint, after straining, and crawl-obstacles are just some of the challenges which faced the Warrior officers in the operational qualification quiz held recently.
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תאריך: 11/07/2012, 21:17    
מחבר: שרון שילון, ענף תקשורת, דובר צה”ל

Tomorrow (Thursday) will be held graduation ceremony for the winners of the quiz as operational service recently held with the officers took the Warrior. The ceremony will be conducted by the Commander of GoC army headquarters, Maj. Gen. Sami turgeman and transporting combat fitness Department, Col. Oren.

Eligibility all running examiner, sea and crawl across obstacles while carrying equipment
Combat and meeting schedules. Unlike previous years, starting next year will require all officers in the warrior to pass the quiz, as published on the site.
Operational qualifications conducted recently, paratroopers won first place in the category live in second place won school fighters from third cadet officer school – bahad 1. Basic training category were warriors
The training base of the Golani Brigade in the first mkoum, followed in second place in the training base of the paratroopers brigade and 3rd in the Givati Brigade’s training base.

In the category of undercover units first arrived maglan, second place is the rescue unit 669 and third יהל”ם unit.
Paratroopers, Colonel Amir Baram won first place in a competition between the divisions live controls
Behind him are Col. Ofer levy, Commander of Givati Brigade and al Rahim, Commander of the 1. Under the brigade commanders in the mtniye was awarded the Commander of the trail designed by Col. einav Shalev, 2nd Col. Yonatan sbeida Marom, Commander of the air defense school, in third place came the Commander Naval artillery designed Golan Col. Yaron Formosa.
“This is one of the best tests and significant in having the tester measures the level of combat fitness in terms of various parameters and requires people to engage in combat in order to fit for him,” says Col. Oren age and added that he was sure the Israeli Guard also fitness quiz.

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