The IDF reserve concludes a year

צילום: דובר צה”ל

“This reserve. What kind of people the army, but mostly they chose “army reserve officer describes the primary mission to pulsing in the reserve personnel who choose to respond to every call. This is the year in which they

תאריך: 01/03/2016, 16:56    
מחבר: אביה שקלר, אתר צה”ל

Multiplying the focal length and training personnel and reinforcing regular forces shilobies-2015-this the first reserve IDF implemented the Committee conclusions by OC Central command, Maj. Gen. Roni NOMA, as part of an annual “Rabbi Gideon.” “The change that goes from the reserve value is alive and well and we are constantly monitoring around him”, said the officer, Brig. Gen. Hosea Friedman. “Recommendations of the Committee formed an array consisting of reserve units of art and as a service to combat, no trend will become stronger in the years to come. However we will continue to examine the way we work, and where to fix and improve. “

In order to refine and bring to manpower, reserve units were closed, while many were released from reserve service. “We realized that certain biachidoth have excess manpower. Created situations where recruitment was recorded higher reserves not inconsistent with troops to provide weapons to people tormented, “explained Brig. Gen. Friedman. “This process allows commanders to keep per unit only selected reserve members and necessary, and thus to maintain a high level of service. The Mag has to find the balance between the young soldiers who have high fitness level and the core veterans, they mature and experience “.

In addition, the number of combat units training has doubled, and the emphasis on integrating the reserve forces with regular forces and collaborations. “You have to remember that the array is about 73 percent of IDF and without it you cannot implement the operational plans of emergency and routine IDF. Regular and reserves are operational system.

“Alongside strengthening and operational training, let’s not forget that the array is composed of citizens.” Every pilot has to worry about also, income or family. Some prefer to forego debt reserve for the benefit of others. Therefore, whoever continues to enlist is probably motivated person and his sense of mission is very strong. This reserve is selected. Those people who choose them, but mostly they choose us. That’s what creates strong units and values that make up this amazing array, which ultimately is the order of the IDF force (early).

Translated from Hebrew